A Letter To My Friends

My dear oh! Dear,

Maybe we’ve had seasons in the raging fire
Maybe our dreams shattered when the earthquake wreaked havoc in our hearts
Maybe our love was tumbleweed out in the windswept yard

Maybe we were both astraphobic,
too weak to stand it all
Maybe everything made our smiles
disappeared out of the blue

The building that house
FRIEND can never escape
rain and sun
So let’s never forget to
redye the dark shards
and make them pleasant like
the crisp azure sky.

Letting our ire souls embrace
the mild breeze
instead of shrinking
into the muddy times spent in the tornado Undeserving.

Realizing truly that
friendships are just so priceless like “GOLD”
Even when broken they are melted
and joined again

So let’s pick up our debris from
the glowing furnace
and get to fix things again

So and so

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