The Collector

He collects broken things
Things that could but no longer sings
Things that once flew but now lack wings
He collects them all…

He seeks out the broken ones
Those with shattered hearts who hide in the shadow of dawn
Those whose broken dreams confined them to danger zones
He collects them all…

He encourages those with low self esteem
He tells them he believes in them and their dreams
He spins tales of him conquering his own demons and rising above sin
He makes sure they all fall…

What does he do with all these broken things
Why does he seek out the broken ones
What will he do with those who have nothing in common with the world
Because in them he sees himself; warts and all…

The collector is broken too
But he has seen the beauty in the shattered ones
So he calls them out to the light
Believing he will finally understand himself if he collects them all…

Occasionally he collects bones…
No one knows why yet…

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