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Relating a Kiss

Two mouths
Serving a covert purpose
Gave her a thrill
But she was not sure
And she wished she knew
If he was thrilled too
His hands were on her waist
But magically all over her.

Her brain was calling her names:
‘Empty skull.’
‘When will you grow up?’
But her heart was thrilled and curious
To know the end of the tunnel.

I think there was a bit of brain
In her breast
Because when his hands
Touched her nipples
She pushed him
And he fell.

About Author

IJ OnyinyeChi
My name is OnyinyeChi Ikemefuna. I am currently a 200level student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. I love to travel. I find it thrilling. I love to observe people when they are not watching. I enjoy reading.I hope to be a renowned writer someday. And I love God.
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