Pains of Hadiza (Episode Four)

Continued from the last part…

That was how the diary of Ahmed and Sadiya ended; that’s if there’s any story to write about us.

Hajiya didn’t stop, she kept on disturbing me to hook up with Sadiya again, but I refused, I hate being embarrassed.

Few days later, I went to the coffee shop to apologize to the waiter that Sadiya bullied. I saw her busy, serving some customers. I walked up to her and told her to excuse me, that I wanted to speak with her for some couple of minutes. She just said okay, that I should spare her some time to finish up with her work.

I located an empty seat and sat down. I signaled another waiter to get me a cup of coffee. He brought it and dropped it on the table. I just muttered a ‘thank you’ while he nodded his head and walked away. Few minutes later, she joined me on the table and apologized for taking too long.

“I’m sorry for taking too long sir.”

“Oh no, you didn’t take long, and moreover, you were busy. Please have your seat,” I said motioning her to take her seat. “Good evening. Hope I’m not disturbing your work?” I said.

“Oh not at all. Good evening to you too,” she greeted.

“Do you still recognize me?” I asked.

“Yes I do. You are the man that came here with a lady that I spilled drinks on her dress out of my own carelessness. I’m very sorry for what happened. I swear to Allah, it wasn’t intentional,” she said apologetically.

“No…no…no. I’m actually here to apologize to you for what transpired that day. I know it wasn’t your fault. We are all humans and tend to make mistakes at anytime. If I could remember, you apologized to her immediately the drink touched her dress, but she slapped and bullied you, which was very bad and inhumane of her. On her behalf, please forgive her” I said. She sigh and said

“It’s alright sir, but I’m also sorry too.”

I smiled and said, “Thanks for accepting my profound apology. Please, what’s your name?”

She smiled and said, ” I’m Halima.”

“Wow! Cool name. I’m Ahmed.”

“Alright Ahmed. Nice meeting you and please, help me tell your girlfriend that I’m very sorry for ruining her night,” she said, standing up.

I giggled at that word ‘my girlfriend ‘ and said, “My girlfriend?”

She was just staring at me without saying anything. She wasn’t sitting, she was standing close to her chair

“Okay, I’ll tell her, but please, can I get your number?” I said.

“My number?” she asked like she didn’t hear me clearly.

“Yes. Please,” I said, joining and rubbing my palms together in a form of begging.

“Ermm, maybe next time, I’m very busy now,” she said and dashed out of my sight before I could utter any more word.

I just stood there, smiling as she left and mumbled, “Wow! She’s beautiful.” And left the coffee shop


From that day onwards, the coffee shop became my second home. I visited there almost everyday just to see Halima, and anytime I went there, she served me well, but still refused to give me her number. I wasn’t bothered, seeing her everyday was okay for me. Watching her smile and work hard alone, I was satisfied.

In a little while, we turned friends. She later gave me her number but never allowed me to give her a lift home after work. She always said ‘no’ with different excuses.

“Hi Ahmed,” she greeted as she saw me outside, close to my car waiting for her to close from work. “What are you doing standing outside? Aren’t you here to get some coffee?” she asked.

“No no, I’m here to take you home and you won’t say no, would you?”

She felt defeated and smiled and accepted for the first time after I’d tried so many times before. I opened the door for her to hop in, smiling like someone who had won an award. Then she hopped in.

“Why have you been refusing me from taking you home anytime I offer to give you a lift?” I asked, immediately I started the engine.

“How’s your girlfriend? Hope she’s fine?” she asked, changing the topic.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I said defensively.

“Huh? But you guys came to the coffee shop on a date the other day?” she said, surprised.

“Yeah, it’s kind of a date, but it didn’t work out.”

“What happened if I may ask, or is it a personal issue that you can’t discuss?”

“You know, my sister hooked me up with her, and the day you saw us together was the very first day we met each other.”

“Oh. First time date and I ruined it,” she said sourly.

“You ruined what? I was able to see the real stuff she’s made of, thanks to you.”

“Stop that. I didn’t do it intentionally,” she said, feigning anger.

“That’s not what I mean. I mean, you made me know her true character without much stress. Your little mistake saved my head,” I said.

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