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Mama is a Perfect Valentine

You’re beautiful and my perfect match for a Valentine,
Your heart, fine as wine.

Each time I stare at you, all I can see is myself,
A great replica of me, what can we say for ourselves?

Your are a true definition of abundant love,
For all my piercing problems you have solved.

You sold all you had just to see me smile,
I can’t sit right now I’m grown and watch you cry.

You are my heartbeat, my bestie and lover,
For riches and glory and honour I will give you forever.

Once upon a time when a man you loved left you to suffer,
Mama, he left you a sobber to shatter.

For in the waking times of sweet pleasure,
He stroked you in-between with his rod, so much pressure.

Young and trusting you were, he took you for granted,
His fluids into you, he though had planted.

But your braveness charged in,
Truly you are loving and caring from within.

Abortion you did not, you kept me even at rough times,
Pain, guilt regrets in your eyes.

Your love was the courage
To treat the mockery and guilt as sewage.

Your strength charged in,
Fierceness and power within.

Until I grew up myself,
You didn’t stop working yourself.

Your mistakes you accepted true,
But you didn’t let it define you.

For all ’em haters you screwed,
Mama I’m so proud of you.

This is the best kind of love,
I should be nicknamed luck.

For not every mum at fifteen
Decided they kept a pikin (child)

This is a poem constructed by me to every young one feeling the pressure from the society and guilt, mockery. Do not think abortion a solution please.

About Author

Etukokwu Goodness Chijioke
I am Etukokwu Goodness, a native of Onitsha in Anambra State. I'm a lover of artworks and my hobbies are writing, singing and composing songs, painting and drawing, sporting and exercising.
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