Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Eleven)


Continued from the last part…


The bell was rang and all the students left the hall for the short break.

“Trisha,” Eva squealed, running to meet me.

“Hi Eva.”

“You sang marvelously.”


“Now Daphne has a competition.” Eva was so excited as she clapped her hands.

“Daphne doesn’t have a competition” Daphne put in from behind.

“Oh hi!” I smiled at her to get her pissed and it worked.

“Congrats for the first section. I admit you have a nice voice to be my second lead.” She smirked and walked out with her girls.

“What was that?” Eva asked when they were gone.

“Pride. She’s just too proud.” I sighed.

“Hey!” Chase called and ruffled my hair.

“Oh Chase, it took me time to comb that,” I mouthed and he chuckled.

“Sorry, you were good back there. I didn’t even know you could sing.”

“Guess there are a lot of things you don’t know about me.”

“Yeah, right,” Chase said rolling his eyes and that reminded me of Davis. I wonder where that one is.

And speaking of the devil, here he comes.

“Hey Chase, Eva and Trisha,” he called when he got up to us. This was the first time he was calling me by my name.

“You sang well D’avis,” Eva squealed blinking in admiration, while I scoffed at her childish character.

“Thanks Cupcake,” Davis said and ruffled her hair.

“Oh I love it when you do that,” Eva drooled

“I’ll be taking my leave,” I announced.

“Hey! Are you running from me?” Davis asked. Like he doesn’t know I hate him.

“I have an important contest and you’ll only bring badluck,” I stated then proceeded to leave.


“All the contestants should return to the hall, it’s time for the next section,” the loud speakers announced.

“Great! I don’t have to see your asshole face,” I said with a scowl and turned to Chase.

“See you in the hall.”

“Let’s just walk together,” Chase suggested.

“Sure why not?” Eva giggled and again I rolled my eyes just like Davis.

I walked ahead while Eva walked with Davis and Chase, giggling all the way.

“Goodluck,” I said to Chase when we got to the hall.

“You too,”

“No wishes for me?” Davis asked spreading his hands.

“Goodluck Davis,” Eva said.

“Thanks and you…okay you’re not part of the contest.”

“I’m not.” She grinned.

“Goodluck Trisha,” Davis said to me.

“Jeez! That’s the worst badluck ever.” I sighed then walked to the female row.

“Let’s begin,” Miss Tatiana said. “Tiffany Peterson you’re up first,” Miss Tatiana added. Then Tiffany got up and cheers filled the room. She climbed up the stage and an instrumental came on background as she sang the words in a language I didn’t really know.

When she was done, others sang in their various languages till it got to Daphne.

“Daphne Rodriego you’re next.”

She catwalked to the stage and took the mic. After humming a beat, an instrument started playing on background and she started singing the words of What do I do by Jisun.
I almost fainted, that was the song I planned to sing and I’ve already registered it. What do I do?

Now the song suits me. Great!

I snuck to the DJ’s table and told him I wanted to change my song, but he said it was too late.

“But I can’t sing the same song with her, it’ll be recorded copy.”

“You’ll have to backout ’cause I can’t change it.”

“I can’t just leave the contest and…”

I was cut short by cheers and I glanced over my shoulder to see Daphne climbing down the stage.

“Up next Trisha Anderson.”

I took a last glance at the DJ. “Can’t something be done?”

“You’ll have to play the instrument by yourself with a guitar or piano or drum or…”

“Where’s Trisha Anderson?” I heard murmurs from the hall. I looked around and pushed the piano to the hall.

“I’m here” I announced.

“What are you doing with that?” Miss Tatiana asked in disgust.

“I’ll play by myself.”

“It’s against the rules!” Daphne yelled.

“There’s no rule against playing instruments. Go on Miss Anderson,” Mr. Ken, one of the judges gestured.

“Thank you” I said with a slight head bow and took my seat before the piano. It’s been years I played this, but I still remember this key because it was my favourite song while growing up.

I pressed the keys lightly at first, then harder next. It sounded awful cause it wasn’t accompanied by any other instrument. I can’t believe I’ll lose this and I know Daphne did that on purpose. I blinked rapidly to suppress my tears, then started playing the notes as I sang the words to Suddenly‘ by Kim Bo Kyung.

I sang softly as I thought of how the chorus would sound without any other instrument. I took in a deep breathe as I sang the chorus then suddenly the strings of a guitar was heard followed by drum beats from behind. I looked behind to see Chase beating the drum while Davis played the guitar. I felt a glint of hope as my fingers dug into the keyboard, letting the words flow out of my lips.

Cheers were heard from every corner of the hall. I was so excited as the song came to an end. I can’t believe Davis saved me. Maybe Chase persuaded him to.

“That was awesome!” Miss Tatiana exclaimed as I got down the stage.

Was it?

Read Part Twelve.

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