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Growing Pains (II)

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I can’t believe suicide could ever come cross my pathetic mind,
I’ve been thinking too much about my life ever since,
Not sure maybe I’m gonna make it or not,
All that brings happiness to my mind is my childhood;
When I steal from my mama’s purse and get beaten for it,
When mama thought me Our Lord’s Prayer
And I miss lines getting rounds of knock on my mid-head,
When I run the street around with my crime mates, making trouble—
Those are childhood memories…

Now I’m growing and I feel sorry for ever lying to mama or even stealing from her brown purse…
Dear life,
I never knew growing could ever be as painful,
I would have stayed a kid forever…

About Author

Aderinoye Festus Adedayo
Aderinoye Martins Festus Adedayo (Pen name as festty¶) is a graduate of Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo. He studied English Language / Sgt. He is a book worm, a natural psychologist, a crazy and mysterious psychic. He was named 'The Inspired Idiot' after the great Sir. William Wordsworth. He is also a teacher, a photographer and enjoys talking to books more than to humans. He's partly stupid, partly paranormal. He digs everything—secrets, studied occult, mysticism, talks to the air and enjoys being around nature.
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