Every Girl Wants A Moon

Two suns can’t rule the same sky
Girls are suns that shine in style.
And because they like to love and swoon,
every girl wants a moon.

Behind the successful man stands the sun.
Behind the full moon shines the sun.
Boys are moons, they love too soon,
so every girl wants a moon.

A moon to love and shine through at night,
a moon to lend her fiery light,
and because he stands in front—
and makes her immune,
every girl wants a moon.

Without the sun, a moon is dead,
lifeless and worn like skins snakes shed,
and because they give life and like to groom,
every girl wants a moon.

The sun shines through the rain sometimes.
Girls fight through the tears at times,
but the fight leaves them in a state of gloom,
so every girl needs a moon.

A moon to carry their flamy heart,
a heart that burns too bright and fast,
and because it’s fast and quenches too soon,
they need the strength of a steady moon.

Every girl wants a full moon…

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