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Esther Have I Loved

Some called it sorcery
They said I’m bewitched
But it’s certain that something magical
Creeps out of my heart
When I look into her eyes

She’s far different from Queen Esther
That Jew heroine in the Bible
Still, she’s my queen and heroine
The sunshine that cleared my fog of solitude
The diamond in my crown of pride

Esther have I loved
Any regrets? I accept them all
Her smiles, they cut through my heart
Funny enough, I enjoy the pain
No wonder the world says I’m insane

I’m imperfect without her
My missing piece, my weakness and strength
Her kisses are the shortest route to paradise
Love, blind? ‘Cause I see truth in her lies

My sanctuary, my stronghold
I love her beyond dreams
And far above reality
Even till roses bleed, and till darkness shines

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Courage C. Elliot
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