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Entrusted (Episode Sixteen)

Continued from the last part…

The elevator got to the ground floor and dinged before it’s door slid open. Julie got out of the elevator and walked briskly to the reception. She glanced at the waiting room and saw that it was empty. She smiled to herself as she walked closer to the receptionists’ desk. The receptionists bowed and greeted her. Julie just walked past them like they didn’t even exist.

Julie walked out of the building to her car. The security man she gave her car keys to sighted her from afar and ran towards her to hand her the keys. Julie collected the key from him and unlocked her car. She got into her car and drove out of the company. The traffic was a bit hectic but it didn’t take too long for her to get home.

Argh!” she groaned as she got down from her car to open the gate.

Immediately she got down, she saw the guy that had approached her the day before, walking towards her.

“Huh!” she exclaimed.

“Hi.” Josh smiled as he got closer to her.

“Hi…uhm…” Julie furrowed her brows as she tried to recollect the guy’s name. “Humm… Don’t remind me!” She stretched her hands at the guy.

“Hmmm…John?” She raised a brow.

“No.” Josh smiled.

Argh! Judge?” She widened her eyes as she guessed the guy’s name.

“No.” Josh chuckled.

“Jude?” She raised a brow.

“No!” Josh chuckled again.

Ah…uhmm…Ju–r–dg—s–tsh–” Julie cracked her brain. “Ah, Josh!” She pointed at the guy as she felt she’s gotten his name.

“Yeah.” Josh laughed.

Awwn…I got it! Josh.” Julie grinned.

“So, did you get my description yesterday?” she asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I did. Thank you so much.” Josh grinned.

Awwn, you’re welcome.” Julie smiled and she unconsciously looked at the gate.

Her smile vanished immediately she looked at the gate. Josh looked at her face and traced it to the direction she was looking at. Josh chuckled and walked to the gate, he opened it for Julie to drive in.

Awwn, thank you.” Julie looked at him very appreciatingly, like he did a very huge favour for her.

“It’s nothing. I should be the one thanking you.” Josh rubbed his palms against each other as he walked back to Julie.

Awwn.” Julie smiled at him.

“Yeah. I…er, have to get going now.” Josh scratched his head slightly.

“Oh, OK. See you around.” Julie smiled as she waved at him.

“Bye.” Josh smiled and walked away to his house.

Julie got in her car and drove into the compound. She got out of her car and locked the gate before taking her bag from her car and walking into the house. She walked to the living room and dropped her bag on one of the chairs.

“I’m back!” she yelled as she walked to the kitchen.

“Hey!” Hannah appeared behind her and smiled.

“Hi. ” Julie took a glass cup and placed it on the cabinet.

“How was work?” Hannah asked.

“Really stressful.” Julie replied as she took out a bottle of Hollandia yogurt from the fridge.

Awww. Mihamnida!” Hannah pouted.

“Uh-huh.” Julie sighed as she poured the yogurt in the cup.

“Guess you’re hungry.” Hannah rested on the cabinet.

“I. Am. Very. Hungry!” Julie exclaimed and gulped the yogurt down her throat.

“I thought as much.You didn’t eat at work?” Hannah asked.

“Nah,” Julie replied as she dropped the cup in the sink.

Awww, anyways, I prepared food for you.” Hannah smiled, patting the food warmer close to her, on the cabinet.

“Huh? Like seriously?” Julie widened her eyes as she looked at Hannah.

Nde! Like seriously!” Hannah replied.

Awwwnnnnn.” Julie squeaked excitedly.

“What did you cook?” she asked.

“Rice,” Hannah replied.

“Rice? You bought pepper?” Julie asked, surprised.

“Yeah. I bought meat too.” Hannah smiled and poured the food in a plate.

“Woah…you bought pepper and fried stew?” Julie asked.

Nde!” Hannah replied as gently placed a spoon in the food.

“I knew you’d be hungry, so I went to the market.” She smiled.

Awwn awwn,” Julie squeaked happily.

Hannah carried the plate of rice to the gas cooker and opened the pot on it. She took two big pieces of meat from the pot and gently placed the pieces on the rice before adding stew to the food.

“Wow!” Julie clapped her hand excitedly.

“You are too good!” Julie grinned as Hannah handed the food over to her.

Julie walked out of the kitchen to the living room. She sat on a chair and unbuckled her shoe before kicking the pair off her feet. Hannah walked out of the kitchen with a bottle water she took from the fridge. She placed the bottle water on the stool near the chair Julie was sitted on before she sitting on a chair, beside Julie.

“You like it?” Hannah asked as she watched Julie eat the food ferociously.

“Hmmm!” Julie nodded her head and gave her a thumbs up.

“Wow, seeing you eat like this, you were really famished.” Hannah chuckled.

“You have no idea.” Julie looked at Hannah with a spoonful of rice in her mouth, vigorously shaking her head as she talked.

Pabo!” Hannah smirked.

“Hmm, so did you discuss about my job when you went to your dad’s?” Hannah asked.

“Ah! I forgot!” Julie opened her mouth ajar.

“You forgot to tell him?” Hannah asked.

“No, not that!” Julie face-palmed herself.

“Then what?” Hannah asked,furrowing her brows in frustration.

“I forgot to call Dad yesterday. He told me to call him.” Julie dropped the plate of food on the table and slapped herself. “I need to call him.” She opened the bottle water on the stool and drank from it.

“Stupid!” Hannah shook her head as she watched Julie. Julie hastily took her phone from her bag and dialed her dad’s phone.

“Hey Daddy!” She gritted her teeth immediately she noticed her dad pick her call.


“I’m so sorry daddy, I forgot.” Julie bit her lower lip.


“I’m good.” She smiled.


“Yeah. I…uhm…I actually called to remind you about my friend.” Julie scratched her nostril as it felt itchy.


“The one I said needs a job.” Julie furrowed her brows.


“Oh, tomorrow?” she asked.


“OK, thanks daddy. I’ll call you later.” Julie beamed with smile.


“Ah” Julie laughed. “I’ll call you.” She chuckled lightly.


“Bye dad.” She smiled and hanged up. “He said that you should come see him at his office tomorrow.” Julie dropped her phone on the stool and carried her food.

“Which office?” Hannah asked, furrowing her brows.

“The wine factory.” Julie replied, taking a spoonful of rice and dipping it in her mouth.

“But I don’t know where that is,” Hannah whined.

“I’ll drive you.” Julie smiled at her.

“Awwn. OK.” Hannah smiled.

“I’ll drive you there because you cooked for me.” Julie smiled.

Pabo!” Hannah smirked.

“Whatever!” Julie chuckled as she ate her food.

After a while, Julie finished the food and took the empty plate to the kitchen. She went back to the sitting room and carried her bag, taking her phone from the stool and picking up her shoe.

“I need to sleep.” She yawned and smiled at Hannah.

“You need to sleep. You? Sleep?” Hannah sneered.

Hanhan, of course, yes,” Julie replied, looking bewildered.

“You, once you enter your room, I know you are going to call Best and not sleep.” Hannah smirked.

Hahaha. Whatever!” Julie laughed and walked out of the living room. “Guunight!” she yelled.
“Night!” Hannah replied as she switched on the TV to watch a movie channel on Dstv.
Julie got into her room and dropped her bag on the table She dropped the shoe on the floor before removing her dress. She walked into the shower and took a bath before walking back into the room and lying on the bed.


Julie laid on the bed and dialed Dave’s number.

“Hey babe!” She let out a gusty sigh as soon as Dave picked you the call.


“Nothing, just tired.” She groaned as she talked.


“Yeah, really stressful.” Julie rolled to the right side side of the bed as she spoke.


“Hmmm. I’ll gist you when you branch by the office tomorrow.” Julie yawned.


“Yeah.” Julie chuckled softly.


“Okay, you too.” She smiled.


“Love you too, Best,” Julie said and hung up.
As soon as she hung up, she tucked herself in the duvet and fell deeply asleep.


Early the next morning, Julie woke up and prepared breakfast—yam porridge. She washed the leftover dishes from the day before and tidied up the kitchen. After she was done, she then went to Hannah’s room to wake her up so that she can get dressed for the day. She went back to her room to take her bath too and after she was done, she came out of her room, dressed in a pink chiffon, a black high-waist skirt, a multicolored slip-on and a matching multicolored handbag. She walked to the dining room and met Hannah already eating.
Hannah was wearing a blue gown and high-heeled black shoes.

“I haven’t tasted this Nigerian yam porridge in ages.” Hannah licked her lips as she devoured the porridge.

“I know. That’s why I cooked it.” Julie smiled at her. “You like it?” Julie asked.

“I love it.” Hannah grinned.

Soon enough, they were done eating. Julie checked the time and cleared the dishes to the kitchen.

“You didn’t forget to take your CV, did you?” Julie asked Hannah as they walked out of the house.

“Of course not. I couldn’t have possibly forgotten that,” Hannah replied as Julie locked the door.

“Well, Dad may not even check it though.” Julie shrugged as she hid the key under the foot mat.

Julie got in the car while Hannah opened the gate. Julie drove out of the compound and Hannah locked the gate before joining her in the car.

Julie drove for almost an hour before she got to the industry. ADAMS CEMENT INDUSTRIES. She rolled down her window side and handed her pass over to one of the security officers before driving into the industry.

“Wow, it’s really big.” Hannah smiled.

“Huh.” Julie chuckled as she drove further into the industry.

Julie parked the car and they both got out of it.They walked to the main building and entered. All the workers they came across bowed their heads as they walked to the elevator that led to the top floor. Since she was the chairman’s daughter, no one dared to stop her and the lady she was walking with.

They got into the elevator and and got to the top floor. Hannah kept looking around in awe as they walked out of the elevator. They walked for a while before the got to a glass-like office with a secretary sitted right on one part of the outer part of the office and guards standing around. Julie ignored all of them as she rapped on her father’s door before opening it.

“Good morning Daddy.” Julie grinned as she hugged Mr. Adams.

“Morning beautiful, how are you doing?” Mr. Adams beamed with smile.

“Fine, thank you Daddy,” Julie replied. She unconsciously looked at Hannah and noticed that she was still standing by the door.

“Hannah, come and have your seat,” Julie signalled at Hannah.

Hannah slowly walked over to Julie and sat on a chair.

“Good morning Sir.” She bowed her head.

“Morning young lady,” Mr. Adams replied, looking at her.

“Uhmm dad, this is Hannah. We attended the same university. She’s the one I told you needs a job.” Julie sat on the chair as she talked.

“OK.” Mr. Adams nodded his head and looked at Hannah.

“Anyways, I’ll leave you two to talk. I need to get going to the office.” Julie smiled as she stood up from the chair she was sitting on. “Dad please don’t forget the bags of cement we requested for.” She sneered jokingly.

“OK ma’am.” Mr. Adams smiled.

“Uhmm, Hannah, you remember how I described the way back home right?” Julie asked, facing Hannah.

“Yeah.” Hannah nodded her head.

“OK, see you later then. Bye.” Julie waved and walked out of the office.

“So young lady, I hope you’re an experienced clerk.” Mr. Adams turned to Hannah.

“Yes sir. I am,” Hannah replied, bowing slightly.

“Nice. Since it’s my daughter that brought you, I guess you’re very capable and I don’t need to check your CV,” Mr Adams reclined his chair as he spoke.

“OK Sir.” Hannah bowed again.

“Nice. You may leave now and come back very early tomorrow morning. We don’t have any vacant position for a clerk but I’ll find some place to fix you in.” Mr Adams clicked his tongue.

“OK Sir,” Hannah replied.

“Am I clear young lady?” Mr. Adams looked at Hannah intensely.

“Yes, you are Sir,” Hannah replied, nodding her head.

“Good. You may take your leave.” Mr Adams smiled.

“Thank you sir.” Hannah bowed as she stood up to leave Mr Adams’ office.

She got out of his office and walked to the elevator. She got in, and pressed the button that led to the ground floor. She was the only one in the elevator, she sighed and decided to thrust her CV in her bag. She unzipped her bag and tried to thrust the CV in when the elevator dinged and its door slid open.

Hannah walked out of the elevator with her head bent a bit, trying to neatly fold her CV in her bag when she hit someone.

“I’m so sorry,” she apologized to the person with her eyes on her bag.

“It’s nothing,” she heard the masculine voice of the person she bumped into reply her before hastily walking away.

She stood on the spot and zipped her bag after she had successfully placed her CV in it. She was about to walk away when something flashed through her mind and she hastily turned back look at the person she bumped into, but it was already late. The person had already gotten into the elevator and its door had slid close. Hannah looked at the elevator for a while before turning back to the direction she was headed.

That person’s voice sounded familiar, she thought as she walked towards the front exit of the industry.


Dave sighed as the elevator took him to the top floor. He adjusted his tie as he nervously let out a gusty sigh for the umpteenth time. He rubbed his palms against each other as the elevator reached the top floor and dinged. The door of the elevator opened and he walked out of it. He didn’t know which of the offices there was the main office of Mr. Adams, so he kept walking and looking around. One of the guards noticed him and approached him.

“Are you lost?” the guard that Dave thought resembled a bouncer asked as soon as he got nearer to him.

“Uhmmm…not exactly. I’m looking for Mr. Adams’office,” Dave scratched his head as he replied the guard.

“Do you have an appointment with him?” the guard asked.

“Yes…Sir.” Dave gulped as he looked at the guard.

“Follow me,” the guard told him after a while of checking Dave out.

Dave followed the guard closely till they got to a part of the top floor that had so many guards standing around with earphones.

The guard took Dave to a lady sitted across a glassed-in office, who he assumed was a secretary. Dave tried looking through the glass but he didn’t see anything. All he saw was his reflection.

“OK, I’ll place a call to him then,” the voice of the lady brought Dave back to his senses. “Your name please?” the lady asked as she picked the receiver and pressed on some buttons on the telephone.

“Dave Charlie,” Dave replied her as she placed the receiver on her left ear.

“Sir,there’s a young man here to see you sir. Said his name’s Dave Charlie,” the lady spoke into the receiver.


“OK Sir.” Dave watched the lady replace the receiver. “You can go right I’m to his office.” The lady smiled at Dave as she pointed to the glass door, while the guard that brought him walked away, probably back to his position.

“Thank you so much.” Dave smiled at the lady and walked to the door of the office. He slowly breathed in and out before knocking on the door and opening it. He stepped into the office and closed the door right behind him.

“Good morning Sir.” He gently bowed his head.

“You may have your seat.” Mr. Adams ignored his greeting and pointed at chairs across his desk.

“Thank you sir.” Dave bit his lower lip as he walked further into the office.

“So do you have any interest in being an architect?” Mr. Adams asked as soon as Dave sat on one of the two chairs.

“Not really sir.” Dave lowered his head.

“Hmm. So you want to remain one of the masses till the day that you die, right?” Mr. Adams sneered.

“No Sir.” Dave bit his lip further.

“Hmm, whatever.” Mr. Adams reclined his chair. “Since you don’t want to work as an architect, you’re going to have to work as one of our truck driver officers.” Mr Adams smirked.

“Sir?” Dave’s lips twitched.

“Are you going to work for me as an architect or not?” Mr. Adams folded his hands.

“I am Sir.” Dave nodded his head vigorously.

“Nice. Come back very early tomorrow morning. You’ll start tomorrow morning.” Mr Adams reclined his back in his chair.

“Thank you sir.” Dave bowed.

“I’m only doing it for my daughter.” Mr. Adams looked away from Dave.” I heard you want to work part-time.” Mr Adams looked at Dave again.

“Uhmmm…I…” Dave bit his lower lip as he stuttered.

Mr. Adams raised his left hand, signaling for Dave to stop talking. “When you resume tomorrow, I’ll let you know the days you get to come to work.” Mr Adams sighed.

“Thank you so much sir.” Dave smiled and looked around, he looked through the glass and saw everyone right outside the office. Then it occurred to him that one can only see what’s going on outside the office from the office but one can’t see what’s going on in the office from outside.

“You may take your leave.” Mr. Adams’ voice drifted him out of his thoughts.

Dave looked at Mr. Adams’ face for the first time since he entered the office and for the first time ever. He only normally watched him on TV and saw his pictures. Looking at him face-to-face, though he was old, Mr. Adams seemed young and handsome.

Dave stood up and thanked Mr. Adams before taking his leave.

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