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A Prayer to Orisa Olokun

Heed my voice, Olokun,
Thou who lords over the seas
And administrates the oceans.
Take away this gentle gale and
Send a mighty tempest from beyond
To tear the sail of this vile vessel
And turn this ship on its sides.

Save me, Olokun
Save me from Browning and his crew.
I do not want to go to America,
Land of pain and toil,
Land of distress and sorrow;
Where my chest will be branded
With red-hot steel
And my lips clasped shut
With a heavy lock.

Hear my supplication, Olokun.
For I have lived my life
Solely to your injunctions.
My hands have done no evil
And my heart has no place for wickedness.
Hear me, for the elders say
A mother will not hear her child cry
And not react.

Wrought your anger
On these wicked albinos,
Like a lioness would tear apart
Any assualter of her cubs.
Deliver me from these pale faced terrors,
And I will never cease to bring sacrifices
To your shrine for the rest of my days.

Orisa: god/goddess
Olokun: deity of the sea

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Tunmise Onifade
Tunmise is a writer of novels and short stories. His debut novel is in the works.
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