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Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Ten)

Continued from the last part…


I glared at Davis for a while, then picked up my phone and started going through it..

“Sometimes it’s better you keep quiet and give people the impression that you’re stupid, than open your mouth and clear all doubts,” Davis stated then dropped the paper and walked out.

I heaved a sigh of relief then walked to my door and locked it. I picked up the paper, went through his stupid rules then squeezed and threw it out the window. I’ll just sleep for a while before the rehearsal, I thought, then laid on my bed and zoned off.

The screeching of car tyres joited me wide awake. Gosh! It’s morning! I ran to the window and watched Davis drive off in his car. He didn’t even wake me. I glanced at the wall clock and it was already 8:30 am and the contest starts by nine. I dashed into the bathroom and had a quick bath then I got dressed, arranged my books and ran outside.

I didn’t even come with my car.

I ran outside and lucky enough Davis’ car was parked along the road, while he bought something in a shop. I’ll go join him.

Wait! Who am I kidding? Davis will never let me ride with him and it’s too late to take the bus.

I stood along the road waiting for a cab when Davis came along.

“Want a lift wheelchair?”

“Yes, thanks a lot,” I panted then tried opening the door when he drove off.

“Not so fast. Run along.” he smirked and zoomed off.

Aish!” I faced-palmed myself, then heard a car honk and I opened my eyes.

“What are you doing here? The female category is almost over.” Chase shouted, then I quickly hopped inside his car.

“Thanks,” I breathed.

“Did you sign up for the contest?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Let’s just pray you’re not disqualified.”

Starshine High

Chase pulled over in the parking lot and I quickly ran out without waiting for him.

“Here you are I’ve been looking for you. What kept you?” Eva scolded.

“I woke up late.”

“Hurry to the hall, they’re about switching to the male category.”

“I don’t think there’s any other person here who hasn’t sang. So over to the male category,” Miss Tatiana said into the mic.

We had already managed to enter the hall which was crowded with students. Daphne and other contestants sat at a corner, she was smiling broadly but her smile ceased when she saw me.

“We have one more contestant.” Eva raised her hand.

“Who?” Miss Tatiana asked with a scowl.

“Trisha Anderson,” I replied.

“The female category is over so you’re disqualified from the contest,” Miss Tatiana said and I could see a huge grin on Daphne’s face. It took me a lot of will to fight the urge not to cry as I proceeded to walk out of the hall in shame.

I didn’t practice anyway, I tried consoling myself

“Let her sing,” I heard a male teacher say into the mic.

“We’re done with the female category,” Miss Tatiana protested.

“But we haven’t entered the male category, and besides they sang only blues. There’s still foreign language and pop,” another teacher insisted.

“Fine, call her in.” Miss Tatiana gave up then I was called upon.

I smiled as I climb on stage. I already gave Eva the list of my songs and the song I chose for blues section was ‘A New Day Has Come‘ by Celine Dion. The soft instrumental of the song played in background as I sang the words.

The hall got emotional and everyone waved their heads to the tone as they clapped cheerfully. The song ended marvelously and I stepped down the stage with the hall roaring my name. I glanced at Daphne who was glaring daggers at me. I swear if looks could kill I’ll be at the mortuary now. I smiled as I stood before the judges.

“That was marvelous,” a judge complimented.

“Thank you.” I bowed shyly.

“What was your reason for signing up for this contest?” Miss Tatiana asked smiling instead of her usually grumpiness.

“Just my zeal for performing,” I replied.

“You’ve got a marvelous voice,” another judge commented. I used my eyes to search for Chase and I saw him where he sat with Davis and other male contestants. He smiled sweetly at me and I returned the smile.

“Go join them,” Miss Tatiana pointed at the row of chairs the contestants sat and I took my seat on the only available seat which I guess was mine.

“Now over to the male category,” Miss Tatiana spoke into the mic. “First on our list is Davis Hilson.”

The hall went wild, screams and shrieks filled the hall as everyone hailed Davis.

“Thank you,” Davis waved at his fans to keep them shut and it worked as the hall went quite again. He took the mic and hummed a beat, then it began playing in the background.

He softly sang the words of ‘Breathless‘ by Shane Ward, and I swear I cried likewise others in the hall when he got to the bridge. He had an adorable voice and I could see why no on ever beat him. He finished singing and the shouts was uncontrollable. Davis had to threaten to leave before the shouts ceased. Others sang till it got to Chase and he sang ‘Mad‘ by Neyo in a melodious voice which sent shouts everywhere.

“We’ll be going for a short break,” Miss Tatiana announced.

To be continued…

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