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It Took A Nap

It took a nap and a mind to mind the mindful strange stranger who is mindless of the way we look and the way he’s been looked at.

He was engulfed in something that engulfs like when a golf owner and addict starts playing golf.

That is her beauty. Her beautiful beauty beautified not only her face but her innermost heart in the most appropriate way, which make most boys that came her way lose it all.

It took nap and a mind to remind him where he is and where he’s been.

He’s supposed to slot in his ATM card and cash out his cash in the said cashless society that out youths care less about in a careless manner.

From the other and longer queue of the ATM I’ve been observing the observable, looking at the lookable, and was able to come up with something that popped into my head.

“Hit him,” my inner mind said, I succumbed and did as was told.

Then I moved closer to her, and said, “It’s impeccable what I see, beautiful beauty in the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, so beautified in a beautiful way…”

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