The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 6)

Continued from the last part…

Ryan got back inside the class and sat down waiting for Danielle to come in. Minutes clicked by and Danielle walked in with Emma, both holding their hands.

“Hey Ryan,” Danielle called after she had settled down and parted ways with Emma.

“Danielle, I need to tell you something. Should I?” he asked and Danielle nodded for him to go ahead. “Actually I want us to be friends, I mean great friends,” he said.

Danielle smiled broadly and nodded in agreement. “Okay, it’s fine if you want us to be friends, but please stop being rude,” she said with a pleading face and Ryan nodded

“I won’t, I promise,” he said, Danielle smiled and Ryan smirked at her back. “Let the show begin,” he whispered. “Okay now that we are friends, you can share with me anything that is bothering you okay?” he said and Danielle nodded.

Danielle’s POV

I wonder why Ryan is behaving strangely today, could there be something up his sleeves? Could he have ganged up with his friends to do something to me? No, he looks sincere to me. But I’m so happy that he asked me to be his friend.

“Dani, what are you thinking about?” he asked startling, me and jolting me out of my thoughts.

“Uhmmm, actually I don’t know this topic. I was thinking carefully so that maybe I could get it…” I said and he smiled.

“Follow me” he said. I hesitated at first, what is he planning to do now? I thought then he suddenly grabbed my hand and we both left the class.

I’m happy right now, but am I really falling for him?

“Danielle your heart is too fragile, resist him. Don’t you know him? The school’s bad boy” a voice said in my mind and another one contrasted.

“You are falling can’t you see? Who knows he might also like you too?” the voice said. No way. Why would he like me, I mean he would just like me as a friend and I pushed the thought out of my mind.

We got to the library and he asked me to sit.

“Okay bring it out let’s solve the cheap question,” he said in a mocking tone to me and he brought his tongue out. I smiled and later frowned at him

“You shouldn’t make fun of me like that,” I said in an angry tone, he apologised immediately and used his hand to draw his hair back. How can someone be so cute? I thought. I brought my note out and he started explaining.

I couldn’t even concentrate on what he was explaining; I was just looking at him, though I knew everything he was teaching me, I’d just lied earlier.

“So do you understand it now?” he asked raising head.

“Ye…yes I understand, +” I said sharply, he smirked a little and looked at me for a while.

“Are you sure you understand it?” he asked again and I nodded.

“You are lying, I saw it clearly that you were looking at me all this while. Tell me do you like me?” he asked with the most charming smile I’ve ever seen.

No no no, no Dani you can’t admit that, you will appear cheap to him. “Yes…no…I mean no, I just like you as a friend.” How could my voice decide to fail me this time?

“Okay,” he said and stood up, he took my hand and we left the library together. On our way, I saw Amelia rushing to meet us with two girls behind her, she had an angry look on her face.

“Ryan, why, what’s happening?” she asked with a teary eye.

“What do you mean by that?” Ryan asked her and she had a surprise look on her face.

“Why are you avoiding me, huh? And now you are intimately holding another girl right in front of me,” she said and she looked at me with an ‘I will kill you face’. Oh my God I’m in trouble now. I quickly removed my hand from Ryan’s, but he was quick to grab it back and I was surprised at this.

“How many times am I going to tell you that we are done, Amelia? We are done. I got what I wanted and you also got yours, so please leave,” he said and Amelia turned to me.

“Hey you, just don’t cross my path. I will make you pay, Ryan, for humiliating me in front of this little rat,” she said and walked away, what?

She called me what? I ran after her and dragged her hair from behind

“Never in your life, don’t you ever insult me or compare me to anything,” I said and beat her to pulp. She gave me a blow in my eye and I retaliated immediately, her girls couldn’t do anything because they were afraid of me.

“Both of you come to my office now,” I heard the dean’s voice. We both sluggishly walked to the dean’s office and asked us to tell him what happened.

Amelia lied about the matter and framed me of insulting her. The dean didn’t bother to listen to my side of the story, he asked Amelia to go home.

“You are to go to the detention room and spend two hours there and write an apology letter to Amelia; also you will clean the school’s toilet for a week,” he said and dismissed m. I was walking to school detention room when I saw Amelia and her girls smiling wickedly at me.

Whose daughter is she? The dean listened to her immediately and didn’t bother about me. What has this world turned to? A world where only the rich rule, I sighed and saw Amelia making a sign of ‘ it’s not over yet’. I sighed again and walked away.

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