Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Nine)

Continued from the last part…


“Mr. Anderson,” the old man called standing up to greet us as his yellow teeth came to display.

“Father,” Mark called back then hugged the old man. All the while, I was watching Davis who was swinging his legs lazily on the chair.

“You’re welcome have a seat,” the old man offered, then we both sat down.

“This is my daughter Trisha,” Mark introduced me to the old man.

“Good day grandpa, it’s nice to meet you,” I greeted politely.

“And this is…” the old man trailed off, then slapped Davis on his head and he got up in a start making me chuckle. “Davis, my grandson.”

“Nice meeting you sir,” Davis said with a frown

“Where’s Mac?” Mark asked Grandpa.

“He’s at the office;you’ll be meeting him there.”

“Then I’ll better be going ’cause our flight is by 2pm,” Mark said then got up and winked at me.

“I have a business appointment,” Grandpa said and also got up.

“Take care of her Davis,” he said to Davis who just grunted a reply.

“I’ll see you soon sweetheart,” Mark said to me then kissed my hair.

“Bye dad, bye grandpa,” I waved at them.

“My luggage,” I prompted when they were at the door.

“Davis will get them,” Grandpa replied.

“What? Wait what?” Davis exclaimed.

“Any objection?” Grandpa furrowed his brows at Davis while hitting his walking stick on the ground.

“Not at all,” Davis got up and followed them outside but not before glaring at me.

“Davis is gonna be a load of heart attack for you,” the young man who had been sitted quitely said.

“I’ll have to manage.”

“I’m Jonathan,” he introduced himself

“Nice meeting you sir.”

“Just call me Jonathan.”

“And here are your dustbins,” Davis said breathing heavily as he threw my luggage on the floor.

“Davis!” Grandpa hurled from outside.

“Sorry, I was taking it to her room,” Davis stuttered then carried the luggage again and I chuckled.

“Seems he’s scared of his grandpa,” I said to Jonathan.

“His grandpa is the family he never had,” Jonathan replied smiling at Davis as he climbed the stairs. “I’ll be taking my leave now,” Jonathan said getting up.

“Are there no maids here?” I asked.

“Davis lives alone, he hates company apart from Chase.”

“So I’ll be living here alone with him?”

“Seems like it, but you shouldn’t be scared of him. He’s not the wild type and he’s not into women.” Jonathan winked at the last statement.

“Worst punishment ever!” Davis yelled descending the stairs.

“It’s not like I wanna see you everyday. Jeez you bring me badluck and seeing you now makes me wanna puke,” I said in disgust.

“Oh really? Then pack your trash out of my house!” Davis yelled at me.

“I’ll be leaving,” Jonathan said to no one in particular and left.

“I wish I had a choice other than seeing a scumbag like you,” I fired back.

“You’re gonna live here by my rules,” Davis stated.

“I don’t go by any rules,” I retorted.

“Rule number one,” Davis began, ignoring my protest, “you don’t come near my corridor. Number two, you don’t see me. Number three, you don’t sit on my sofas, they cost a fortune. Number four, don’t eat from my house number 5…”

“You’re so lame,” I cut in. “I have only one rule for you: ‘fuck of’. I don’t wanna see your asshole face ever in my life, it brings me badluck!” I yelled throwing my hands in the air but he just rolled his eyes skyward. “Yeah keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find a brain back there,” I spat out and he was just silent, getting me really pissed. “You have the right to remain silent because whatever you say will be probably stupid anyway.” I smirked and folded my hands across my chest.

“Like your square pants,” Davis said and burst into a belly laugh. He wouldn’t stop laughing and I got so annoyed and raised my hand to slap him.

“C’mon slap me,” he dared but I simply brought down my hand and smiled.

“I’d slap you, but that’d be animal abuse,” I smirked when I saw his laugh change to fury, then I headed upstairs.

“Do step on a lego,” he yelled at me.

“I hate you Davis.”

“It’s not your fault, I’m not really good with animals,” he smirked and I was so irked, but I swallowed hard and continued climbing the stairs. It’s not like I knew where I was going to.

I got to the corridor and saw the door he kept my luggage. I heaved a sigh then picked up my bags, lucky for me he dropped the room key on the floor. I opened the door and walked in. The room was magnificent with a queen sized bed.

Goodness Gracious!

I fell on the bed and started bouncing on it. That was when I remembered my contest tomorrow. I quickly arranged my stuffs then sat down on the bed to rehearse some songs. I got out my note book and phone then I started going through my phone, looking for a perfect song to sing.

“Did you miss me?” Davis asked poking his head into my room.

“Just leave so I’ll know if I did.”

“Don’t bother practicing for the contest cause I’m never gonna sing with you.”

“If singing with you is the only option, then I’d rather drop out,” I blurted out, the3 closed my note book.

“I brought this,” he showed me a printed paper.

“It’s a printed rules to live in my house.”

To be continued…

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