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In Her Mocassin (Part 17)

Continued from the last part…

“…or should I say show you all something?”
I turned towards the door. “Can you guys please follow me?”

I looked at Michelle and I saw that she was confused.

I beckoned to them and out of curiosity, they followed me. We walked past the seventh grade block and stopped at a building. We entered the building. The building was large enough to accommodate about a thousand people. In it was some computers, and a projector. There were also chairs there. In Glistering High, the building served many purposes—meetings, gaming, browsing e.t.c. That’s why it was called the multipurpose room.

I motioned to them to have a seat while I stood in front of the room.

“I know you all hate me—though I don’t care—and are all waiting for the perfect opportunity to hurt me, this would change your mind, ” I said with a smirk.

I switched on the projector and a video of what had transpired in Michelle’s house played on the screen.

As you might’ve guessed, when I told Claire that she have something of mine, it was the video coverage I was referring to.

During the incident at Michelle’s, I’d seen Claire recording the incident and knowing that she was a quiet girl, I used that to my advantage to get the video.

I’m evil right?

As they watched the video and got to the scene I’d landed those two wonderful slaps on Michelle’s face, they all gasped in surprise.

I looked at Michelle and I could see that there was a mixture of shock, fury, surprise and embarrassment in her expression.
Serves her right. That’ll teach her to never mess with me.

Michelle’s POV

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A video? How she’d gotten the incident recorded is what I couldn’t fathom. And the worst part is that she’s showing the whole class the video. Oh I’m so embarrassed. How could she? What guts. I felt like strangling her. I looked at her just in time to catch her looking at me and smirking. What the…? The fool had the guts to be smirking??

I felt like darting to the front of the room and landing a slap on her cheeks which would wipe out that stupid smirk.

I was already halfway to the front when the dormant, gentle part of my brain told me to not do anything rash because if I did, she could show the video to the whole school.
And that would be a great disaster as it was a great embarrassment that could destroy my reputation totally, as I would be labelled as the girl who was slapped at her own party and in her own house.

This thought made me stop in my tracks.
The video being shown to the class isn’t half as bad as it being shown to the whole school.

Instead of barging over there, I quietly left the building in shame with Veronica, Amy and Nicole, Nicola, Nora and Alexa following behind.

Natalie’s POV

I saw Michelle walk out of the building in shame and I smiled in triumph. I then noticed that the video had ended and the students were talking in loud voices about it.

“Attention everyone,” I said with authority and everywhere became silent.

“As you’ve all seen, anyone I repeat anyone, whether tall, short, fat or thin that tries to mess with Natalie Brianna Rolands would receive worse than two slaps. So you’d all better steer clear of me or else this would be you on the screen and the video won’t just be played for our classmates, it would be uploaded on the school website and played on the assembly for those who don’t get to watch it,” I concluded my speech and started gathering up the materials I’d used for the projector.

My classmates started dispersing in groups, whispering to each other. I’m sure with this, those planning what to do to me would think twice and others wouldn’t try toying with me.

Michelle’s POV

“What could be keeping this fool that called himself my driver for so long?” I asked no one in particular.

Ugh could this day get any worst? First the incident with the scholarship girl and now this.

I have been waiting for close to an hour for my driver, Mr. Johnson to come and pick me up from school though my house isn’t far from school.

I was at the school’s gate with Amy who lived next door when Veronica whose house is beside the school had come back to pick up a book from her locker.

She’d already changed into a blue dress and flip-flops and was surprised to still find me in school.

“He’s probably he’s caught up in traffic,” Veronica—the clown—said in order to lighten me up all to no avail. She only succeeded in making me angrier and Amy to burst out into laughter.

Two houses away. Traffic congestion. Imagine that.

“Perhaps we should trek home,” Amy suggested.

I looked at her in surprise. “What! I of all people, trek? You’ve gotta be kidding me,” I shouted in pride.

“There’s nothing wrong with trekking. After all, your house is just a stone’s throw from here,” Veronica countered.

After about ten minutes of convincing me, I finally agreed to trek home on the condition that Veronica tagged along.

On our way, I saw a trio of girls which I recognised as juniors. On seeing me their eyes widened in surprise. Then I heard them start talking about me.

“Isn’t that almighty Michelle O’Connor?” one of them asked her friends.

“Yes it is. What could’ve made almighty Michelle—who comes to school and goes back with a limo though her house is just two houses away—to trek? ” the second put in.

“I don’t know,” said the third.

“Perhaps her limo is at the ghetto being washed with mud,” the first one said. This brought about laughter from the trio.

I was infuriated and embarrassed at the same time. I wanted to turn back and give them a piece of my mind but Veronica and Amy stopped me.

How can my limo be in a ghetto of all places.
All this wouldn’t have happened if that stupid man had come to take me as usual.

“That stupid man is going to get a piece of my mind. How could he make me go through such humiliation? He’s going to pay for this. In fact, HE’S FIRED!” I said with fury.

On getting to the front of my house, Amy and Veronica bade me goodbye, but I was too infuriated to answer. I stormed through the gate and was taken aback when I saw my dad’s Cardilac parked in the driveway.

That’s unusual. Dad is never at home at this time. Maybe he forgot something at home. I tried calming myself with the thought, but a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach told me something just wasn’t right.

I walked up the porch steps and rang the bell but received no answer. That too was unusual. I decided to try the door and it was unlocked. Unusual too. Mrs Jones never leaves the door unlocked.

I opened the door and entered. The atmosphere had an eerie feeling and smelt of doom. The whole place seemed ominous and as if trouble was imminent. This feeling made me forget my anger and become afraid.

I walked through the hallway, turned left and entered the living room only to be met with shock.

Dad and mom sat dejectedly on the couch. Mum’s eyes were red and puffed and I could see trails of tears running down her face.
Dad, being the man he is, was sitting with his head buried in his right hand. He was biting his left hands fingernails and shaking his head.

I ran into the room when I overcame my shock.

“Mum, dad. What’s wrong?” I asked with a shaky voice, but I was met with silence. My parents didn’t even seem to know I was there. “Mum, dad I asked what’s wrong?” I repeated in a much more shaky voice.

Dad looked up as he just realized I was standing there.

And he said the very words I never thought I’ll ever hear.

To be continued…

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