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Ejiro (Part 3)

Continued from the last part…

The sky poured out rivers of water today. Everywhere looked clouded. The traffic on the road made so many people feel tired. I was inside my office, trying to take a little nap, when I heard a loud call from my manager.

What might be the reason for his outrageous shout this afternoon?

This question remained unanswered to me until I got downstairs to meet with him and the staffs standing there quivering. The manager, Mr Gbenga went into his office today only to realize that thirty thousand naira was missing from the notes of money he recovered from yesterday’s sales. This made me dumbfounded because no one has access to Manager Gbenga’s office except him. Who is the culprit?

“Ejiro,” Mr Gbenga called out, “you are the supervisor here right?” he asked with great anger written on his face.

“Yes sir,” I answered with shame and fear.

“Who did you see go into my office today? The supervision of both the office and the workers isn’t that your responsibility? This questions follow suit.”

“Yes sir, I know, but have also been handling some other affairs since morning,” I found my tiny little mouth spitting out this reply.

Ever since I became the supervisor of the company, Scholar has turned into a shewolf. She hardly obeys what I tell her to do; she became a pain in the ass and also made me look like I took away her promotions and good luck.

She was the only one I saw that entered the manager’s office today. Every day the cleaning of the offices was on rotation among the girls, while the boys were in charge of maintaining and cleaning the rest room. I was immediately convinced that no one else but Scholar knew the whereabouts of the company’s money.

I was deliberating on either to reveal this to Mr. Gbenga or allow it slide as if I never noticed. My conscience would definitely be at unease if I do not let the cat out of the smelly bag.

“Scholar, you tidied the manager’s office this morning right?” I asked turning to my ex best friend.

Her eyes, red like a hot burning metal ready to burn down the universe, pierced through me as she answered, “Yes.”

“Since you cleaned his office today, are you trying to tell us that you didn’t notice the money?” I said turning to Mr Gbenga who already had his eyes fixed on Scholar.

“Me!” she exclaimed hitting hard on the line that divided her breast from each other. “I know I cleaned the manager’s office today, but I swear I didn’t see any money,” she said touching her tongue with her finger and raising it above her head.

I needed not to over emphasis anything. I already made my point with the questions I asked Scholar. Only the dullards will say they didn’t read meaning to what I was trying to insinuate with my innocent straight forward question.

“Scholar you mean you entered my office today, and my money also got missing today?” Mr Gbenga asked startled.

“But sir you know I have been cleaning your office for almost a year now and you have never lost anything?” Scholar asked crying.
Truth be told, I really felt for her. She was my best friend after all. But how on earth did she get herself choked in with stealing. If she needed money that urgently, all she needed was to place a call to her aunt abroad and she will get it in a twinkle of an eye.

Poor Scholar. Maybe all she wanted was to buy the latest fashion clothes and mingle with her new found friends that always called themselves ‘Slay Mamas’ in the vicinity.

Scholar was really not happy with my promotion at the office. She never hid her jealousy as it was boldly displayed on her face like the HD movies in cinema. I knew this the first day I called her for our chitchat during lunch, and she totally ignored me as if I was a mere stranger to her. She later made some new friends that we all call the happening girls. They went out with fraudsters also known as yahoo boys. They dressed in the latest fashion and used body cosmetics that cost a fortune to acquire. At first I thought she would come back to her senses, but it was funny how she loved her new found companions.

Mr. Gbenga, not wanting to get himself in trouble with the management, asked the lobby guys to ransack the premises and the money was unfortunately found in Scholar’s bag.

I was so dumbfounded that even a fly almost entered my opened mouth. What a world! No one would have ever thought Scholar could commit such a grievous act. Most people are really devils in white clothings and Scholar was a typical example of that.

She gushed out all the crocodile tears she could cry out, but that couldn’t save her as that was actually the end of her stay in the company. Mr Gbenga sent her away and warned everyone that Scholar was a scapegoat and whoever committed such act again will not be forgiven. They would not only be sacked, but also spend their time in the police comfortable quarters where criminals enjoyed staying.

The news of Scholar’s dismissal from work and the actions that resulted to that spread like wildfire in all the nooks and corners of our vicinity. Her parents were really ashamed of her so were mine, but the deed had already been done and no one can change that.

My stay in the company went well as no other Scholar showed their face in the company. I got admitted into the university after my second year of working with the company.


“Ebere someone really needs to talk sense into that Human Resources lecturer oo. How can he just give an unexpected test to us?” I asked feeling aggravated from what happened in class today.

The lecturer was someone so many people in school dreaded, including his fellow lecturers. Everyone thought he was too stern and thereby needed an advice from even the least student in the school, but no one had the guts to confront him.

“That man mostly acts like he had no conscience. I wish I had the privilege, I will make sure he leaves this school,” this was Ebere talking.

Ebere was the first and only friend I made after I got admitted. Many people thought we were actually twin and address us as Double E.

She was such an amazing and fierce young lady, not afraid of anyone. She introduced me into a confraternity called Black Bra. Though most people still didn’t know that I was a member because of my innocent look and also how I comported myself anywhere I was. Adding to the fact that I never lost my intellectual prowess and smartness, no one would ever believe I was one of them. This added a lot to my credit on campus.

I went out with them most times too for operations. At first I was afraid of shooting anyone because I didn’t have the conscience to. I would usually stand and watch out for any unnecessary movements, but as time went on, I changed and started enjoying the thing I hated most, which was actually killing.

Yeah, I know the feeling you are having now.
You might have been thinking that I later turned out to be great. Maybe I became a doctor, lawyer or even a bank official and helped my poor helpless mother and siblings from their wretched predicaments right?

No I became the opposite of what my mother told me. I became a celebrity both on TV and also in the hood of Apapa wharf. I brought my mother shame; I brought her more pains and made her regret calling me EJIRO. There is more you don’t know that happened during my stay with my parents.

Remember I told you that my father actually stole from my mother’s purse? That was a big fat lie. The truth about my father was that he drank a lot, that part is true. He also beat my mother, but he has never taken any money from her purse. The culprit was always me, Ejiro. I needed to belong among my peers.

Oh! I forgot that I told you that scholar was the only friend I had? No, I had Agnes, Jacy, Chichi and Bose. All were my good friends in school, but Scholar happened to be my closest friend because we came from the same place. I use the money I stole from my mother to buy the things I needed in school. I was poor, but so many people never knew I was because of the things I buy for myself and also for them.

You must be craving to hear the story about the missing thirty thousand. Yeah I took the money. Scholar was becoming a pain in my ass. Not obeying my instruction and always trying to prove herself right. So I needed her out of my way and I succeeded.

Let me continue from the present day story since you already know who Ejiro really is. You have found out my hidden secret and also my true color. Now let’s go back to the story of I and Ebere.

Sooner than expected many people started noticing my mutual closeness with Ebere and how we threaten the newbies in the school. So most of them started avoiding me.
In one of our operations, we actually got information that a rich lecturer got transferred into our school. We decided to pay him a holy visit. This was a great opportunity for us. The money recovered will go a long way in sustaining us through our stay in school.

The robbery was actually moving smoothly until the lecturer’s bitch decided to play a risky game with us by calling the cops. This was actually a deadly call as she was immediately sent to join her ancestors by Ebere. We made for the door but it was too late because the school anti cult security unit were already outside waiting for us.

Ebere died immediately from the gun shot she received on her fore head, Many other Bra members were killed too. I got two shots on my legs.

The thought of my legs being amputated was very painful for me to bear, but there was no other choice for the doctors present at the hospital but to get my two legs amputated. I was always carried to the court for my case hearing. My face was all over the newspapers and TV screens. No, I, Ejiro never signed up for this. Where is the old woman that said I was going to be a star? If only she told mama that the star she meant was to appear on newspapers and television screen as a criminal and also to be the topic of discussion in Apapa wharf and the city nearby, I would have changed my destiny by doing things right. If only she explained more on the kind of star she meant I wouldn’t have joined Ebere’s gang.

Oh! Destiny untold. So I’m going to die soon by a firing squad. This is really what they say that the evil ones die with their own sword. I lived in the campus with guns and cutlass butchering and killing people, deceiving everyone with my innocent look not knowing that I will one day get wasted like the people I took their lives. I wish I could advise others not to be like me and amend their…

“EJIRO!” That was the last voice I heard from my mother as the police officers dragged me out of the court room, leaving my parents and siblings wailing in agony.

I know the story I told those present in the court was really touchy and so many of them would always use my story to reshape their wayward kids, but I’m happy I had the opportunity of sharing it with them. I might die today or tommorrow, except heaven decides to give me a second chance, but for now let me keep harvesting the bad seeds I planted.


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