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A dad went to his daughter’s school to see her class teacher, to know how she was fairing in her academics. On his arrival at the school, he asked the gate man for the direction to the staff room, he was then led to the staff room.

Sharon’s dad walked into the staff room and went directly to the desk of his daughter’s class teacher.


Miss Jenkins on seeing one of her student’s dad, said, “Mr. Peter, I persume?”

“Yes I am and also the father of Sharon, your student.”

“Please do take a seat,” said Miss Jenkins. “How may I help you sir?” Miss Jenkins probed.

“I would like to know how Sharon is doing in her academics so far,” said Mr. Peter.

“That? Oh well, Sharon is doing rather quite well in her studies,” Miss Jenkins said all smiles.

“Alright, that’s heart-warming to know. By any means, is there anything I should be aware of?”

“Definitely sir! There’s a little bit of problem,” Miss Jenkins said.

Mr Peter sat up with curious ears. What could that be?” he asked anxiously.

“Well, Sharon talks rather too much, you can hardly shut her up.”

“That?” Mr Peter said, relaxing in his seat, letting out a relieved sigh, “I’m not surprised.” After some seconds, he asked, “What then do you suggest we do?”

“I do have a solution Mr Peter and I bet you, it has worked before.”

“Well then, when that plan of yours does work, do inform me. I would like to know what plan would stopped Sharon’s garrulous nature.

“Uhmmn… strange. Why Mr. Peter? why do you want to know?” Miss Jenkins probed rather too curiously.

Mr. Peter sighed. “I would love to apply that method on my wife,” he said grinning mischievously.

“Ah! I get your point sir. You sure are quite amusing,” she winked. “Anyways, I wouldn’t hesitate to let you know.”

“That settles it then,” Mr Peter said rising to his feet. “I beg to take my leave now,” he said and shook hands with Miss Jenkins.

He then walked out of the office.

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Grachi is a young writer with a driven passion for writing, she thinks there's no better way to express yourself than in words.
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