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The Hidden Truth (Part 14)

Continued from the last part…

Mrs. Clara’s POV

I was rushing out of the mall when I collided with him. Yeah, he looked completely the same. It’s been twenty-five years, he was just looking at me. I immediately rushed out as he followed me calling my name.

“Please I need to talk to you,” he shouted to me. I stopped immediately, ready to hear him out. Johnson was just like my life then, but what did he do? Gosh I don’t want to see him near to me.

“We can’t talk here, let’s go inside the hall,” he urged me and I nodded as we went back into the hall.

Mr. Johnson’s POV

When I met Clara today, I couldn’t recognize her again. It’s been twenty-five years. Clara is just as stubborn as she was. I stared continually as she ate.

“Clara,” I called and she looked at me. “How have you been?” I asked her again.

“Been good, as you can see,” she answered immediately.

“When you left Clara, I looked for…”

“It’s okay, it’s in the past now,” she said cutting me off. She stood up immediately. “I think we should call it a day, I’m always busy,” she said.

“Let me drop you off,” I told her and she declined. She’s always stubborn. It took me some minutes of begging for her to ride with me.

Mrs. Clara’s POV

Throughout the drive, I wasn’t myself, I was thinking of the past with him. I shouldn’t have gone to the mall if I knew he was around in this town. Johnson shouldn’t have seen me, I muttered to myself.

“How’s your husband?” he asked and I turned to him immediately.

“He’s late,” I told him and he looked at me.

“So you’re a widow now. It must have been hard for you,” he said.

“How’s Kate?” I asked him.

“Kate is fine,” he muttered under his breath but I heard him. Immediately, I told him to stop me at my coffee shop. I don’t want him knowing my address. I’ve left and buried everything concerning him. I don’t want anything concerning them anymore. They are past now. I rushed inside as he stopped the car, and he left immediately.

Ava’s POV

I stood transfixed as I saw Amelia and some girls enter from the other side. What are they planning to do?

“Do you think it’s a prank?” she asked me.

“You again?” I fumed.

“Here we meet again, girl.”

“What do you want?” I asked.

“You disgraced me. I warned you not to try anything stupid, but what did you do? You dare insult me in front of the school, you will see the fruit of your labor today,” she said laughing hard. This is serious. I think I’m in big trouble.

“Girls, let’s face what we came here to do. Two girls trooped out, they held me. I struggled to free myself, she went closer to me and gave me a resounding slap. She gave me another slap and kicked me in the stomach, I coughed out blood.

“For messing up with me, you are going to die. Girls, tie the stone.”

A big stone was rolled over to me, I started shouting for help, they closed my mouth with their hands. They tied the rope they used in tying the stone on my right leg, she signalled to them to throw me into the pool. They pushed me in, I fell straight forward. I wanted to swim out but the stone tied to my legs were too heavy for me.

Gideon, I love you; mom take care of yourself, because now I don’t think I will make it again. Sorry Morris, I couldn’t fulfill your wishes again. Then I blacked out.

Dave’s POV

I was rushing upstairs to the roof when I heard screams and laughter. I wanted to know what was going on, but decided against it. On a second thought, I’d better check, as this isn’t ordinary. The noise was coming from the swimming hall, I went closer and put my ear to the door. I was right, the noise was from here.

I tried to open the door but it was locked. I searched for the keys inside my pocket but I couldn’t find it. I remember I gave them to Amelia, maybe Amelia and the girls were bathing there. I need to watch them.

I ran my hands over to my back pocket and I felt something, like a pin. I put my hand inside there to bring out whatever that was inside. It was Morris’ hair pin. I hope this works. I inserted the pin into the key hole, and I tried to open it, but it was not working. I tried again, the same thing. I did it the third time carefully and it creaked open.

I smiled and popped my head inside. I could see Amelia and some girls laughing loudly and looking at the pool. What are they looking at?

I went closer to them and they were surprised. I asked Amelia why they were laughing and staring at the pool, but she couldn’t talk. She was sweating,that was strange. What has she done this time?.

I looked at the pool carefully this time, something was in the middle of the pool. The pool was very deep as it was for competitions. And it wasn’t not used always. I couldn’t see anything in there, but I have a feeling that something is in there.

I immediately pulled off my jacket and dived into the pool. Yeah I said it, someone’s inside. Ava? Why is Amelia so wicked? Ava was at the bottom, and already unconscious. What could have happened?

I swam towards her and held her, I noticed there was a big stone tied to her leg. This is it, she couldn’t swim out because of the stone. I immediately untied it and carried her as I swam out of the pool. I laid her down and started applying pressure on her chest. Lots of water came out of the mouth and her heart beat was low.

She needed to be resuscitated, as she wasn’t breathing anymore. I had to take her to the school clinic because I had no other course of action. Morris came in immediately with Ann. She rushed to us immediately and she bent down to us.

“What happened to her? Who did this?”

I didn’t talk. She looked up and saw Amelia. She was staring at us. Morris stood up and rushed to Amelia giving her a slap. Ann held her.

“If anything should happen to her, you will have me to deal with. Lets take her to the clinic before she dies!” she shouted to me and I carried her and left with moris and ava.

Dave’s POV

The nurse told us to take Ava to the hospital, as she was in a critical condition. The news had already gone round the school. Amelia wanted to kill Ava. I couldn’t believe it, and dad expected me to get married to her.

After taking Ava to the hospital, I went home. Ava’s mum was called and asked to come to school. Morris cried, so did Ann. Ava was in the hospital bed now, struggling to be alive, she was barely breathing.

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