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God Loves a Good Muslim

It is written in the Koran,
that he who kills a soul,
will be as if he had killed all humankind;
and he who saves a life,
will be as if he had saved the lives of all humankind.

A good muslim knows this,
a good muslim follows this,
a good muslim preaches this,
why won’t God love him?

A man that loves his neighbor,
a man that helps those in need,
a man that prays to God five times a day,
why won’t God love him?

He calls God in his native language,
a language he was born into,
and he serves him with all his consciousness,
in truth, fidelity and steadfastness,
why won’t God love him?

Picture this:
A man born into a Christian family,
and a man born into a Muslim family.
Both are good.
and both are taught that their religion is the good news,
and that they have to preach it to others,
so as to convert them.
And they do so religiously with zeal.

Will God love them both? Yes of course.
Now, why can’t they love each other?

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Kenny Ozojie
A free thinker
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