Echoes of Silence

Can you hear it?
The thick velvet voice of nothing
Steady nothing…
Opaque and vague
Unreal yet not fake

Silence is loud
The skeletal framework of heartbreak
Backbone of depression
Bedrock of lies and all that lies between it

Silence is science
Travels through distance and space
Reverses time
Lovers are now strangers
An irreversible reaction
Catalyzed by hatred

Silence is silent
Swallowed deep down
You probably didn’t know that
His dad’s belly did not contain rivers of living water
But was a dead swamp of pain and regret
Stuck in his rectum
It could never be passed out but transferred
As aggression

Silence was her mother’s tongue
And despite how many times the man beat her
It never grew past a faint whisper
Mixed with tears and fear
With each stroke she wished her mum spoke louder
Now it remains forever…
Even in the grave

Silence is golden
Neutralizes embittered words
Cushions the aggression on wagging tongues
Savages home front war
This kind of silence is seldom found on a woman’s lips
But more in the steady movement of her hips

Silence is long longing
Speaks through the eyes
Telepathed to the heart and mind
It is the heavy lump in the throat
As your hands interlock in hers
Silence is gentle
Wouldn’t want to ruin the moment
Silence is weak
Traces lines of worries when you have not spoken to her in weeks

Silence is the best answer to a fool
It is a yes
It is a no
It is an encrypted coding of guilt and shame
Sometimes it’s a building which houses blames

And of course
Silence is when he said
“Be still…
Peace.. Be still
Be still and know that I am God
I am yours
I am Lord
I am Love…”

Silence has a loud voice
And has spoken more languages than tongues ever did

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