The first blink of your eyes has placed
Me under a powerful spell,
For every time I take a walk away from you,
I stumble and tumble over hills
Till I crumble back to your love.

Your skin is the one granny always speaks
Of as kóró isin,
You’re an endorsement of massive beauty
Locked up in the belly of a black paint,
The reason why Bàbà Dupe sent his wife packing,
You’re the shiny black gem picked from
The depth of the village river,
Elédùmarè’s night angel,
Mother’s precious black bead.

I think I now realize why there’re so many broken
Walls on every òdókùrin’s huts,
And the reason behind every wrestle among
Friends and old couples,
Even the terror looking loses focus on
It’s prey whenever it catches a glimpse of your beauty.

For you, I wrote these lines in black,
And your shinny black skin that stole
These stanzas off my muse—
I’ve seen so much on both sides,
Beauties incomparable,
But for you,
I haven’t gotten the words to use.

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