An Eclipse of Regret

When the sun is below the horizon
my joy bid farewell in the dusk.
swooshing deeper to embrace the cloud
each passing day.

An aerosol of loss
forcing the tap underneath my eyeball to leak.
Time will heal, time will reveal,
a wingless percussion of hopeless hope

The wispy smoke from their pot bellies
smeared over the moment,
our memories is coated in dirty fur.

My thought orbits around the earth of
“what could have been”
Bulky oddly shaped donkey rides us
in the street of “if only I knew”
An eclipse of regret passing
in between my past and now.
swiftly drooping my mindset in mire.

The grave calls for a cuddle
and wishes rose to effectuate the death.
The grubs in my mental room are fast growing.

The stars intersect to observe me,
a shard of torn heart apart.
Why always bait to entice my soul?
Or maybe I’m just a sap

Everyday I scream incessantly to the sky
to tell the world that once upon a time,
I was a selfless lover.

Pain wrote, read, signed.

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