The Young and Cheeky Emily


“Emily… Emily… come back here. I’m talking to you,” shouts Rebecca as she argues with her daughter.


Rebecca, a middle-aged woman; beautiful, sleek with a vein line visible on her forehead had lost her husband to cancer. He was a very caring, romantic and loving man to Rebecca before and when they were newly married. He lost his job which he passionately loved and decided to throw in the towel. He never cared about getting a new job and turned to alcohol as a means of relief. He later died anyway.


Now, Rebecca has to take care of her family. Two daughters, that’s all she cares about in her world. Emily is sixteen years old while Hailey is only thirteen.

Inasmuch as Rebecca tries to put the death of her husband behind her, Emily, oftentimes, makes the sad moments unforgettable. Poor girl! The scenes of her dad’s foolishness plays like a video whenever she shuts her eyes; getting himself glued to the sofa in front of the TV and drinking all day. It really is a ‘bony meat to swallow’. Seeing your dad in that condition is really devastating. It does kill something in young Emily. Worst still, Emily memorizes the incidents. She can’t find a way out of her mental misery but takes solace in drug addiction. You know, doing drugs as such a tender age. Horrible!

Rik is the guy that supplies drugs to Emily. A young man in his mid 20’s. He is handsome, calm and has a steady eye. He barely looks into one’s eyes during conversations. Another distinct feature is his slowsome talking style. All these and some other attributes befit a local drug-dealer that he is.

The liaison between the two grows past seller-buyer relationship. Rik already sees Emily as his little delicate friend. But he keeps on tabs with the business due to Emily’s persistence and the huge pressure she mounts on him to get her dosages. In fact, she readily pays in advance anytime Rik lies with unavailability of her demands.

Emily is now living in a small apartment given to her by Rik as she has no other place to go after an altercation with her mom. Rik is the only confidant she has.


“You’re messing yourself up. See how unkempt you look. Oh God…”

“Mom, I told you I’m done with drugs. I really am done with that shit,” Emily chips in.

“Don’t you know that your younger sister looks up to you? You make me sick, seriously,” continues Rebecca.

“Oh mom please,” says Emily as she weeps and storms out of the house.


The mom is being over-protective of little Hailey. Her husband, gone. Now, the situation is worse as she is loosing her baby, Emily, to the cold hand of drugs. So, she has to protect little Hailey with all strength she can garner. A major reason why she hardly leaves Hailey under the care of Emily. She hates seeing the two having a tete-a-tete. ‘Emily will corrupt Hailey’ always lingers on her mind.

But, in contrast, Emily doesn’t take drugs in the presence of Hailey. She tries to be a worthy sister to Hailey though Hailey knows about her dark side anyway. But her mom will never understand this; Emily playing a good sister to Hailey.

Emily returns to her new apartment from school. Feeling lonely, bored, she dresses up for her place of solitude. A spring-garden several kilometers away from her school, Hasshire College Michigan. She is dosing herself, enjoying the quite atmosphere when she notices the advance of four young men. She tries to run but she just can’t as she feels an unwonted weakness.

The men quickly start making lascivious fun of her bushy hair, then her thick lips and her hot thighs as she is wearing a short. They start whirling her to one another. Emily picks courage, bites and scratches one of them as she struggles for freedom. She runs staggeringly while quickly dialing Rik’s phone number. Fortunately, Rik picks the call. On hearing Emily’s screams, he mumurs:

“There is only one place where she can…”

He instantly dashes out of his apartment running down the lonely garden. He knows quite much about Emily as she finds it easy to relay her plights to him.

The quickest of the men to run after Emily, and pushes her viciously in an attempt to prevent her escape. She hits her head on a tree trunk, falls on the ground as she gets unconscious.

She regains consciousness some minutes later only to see five bloody bodies laying still. She quickly recognizes Rik, checks up on him but no pulse. Her body trembles as she cries bitterly unable to make a bold step. She calls her mom few minutes later and says:

“H-e-ll-o mom. Mom I’m sorry for my despicable attitudes. I now realize I was dumb. Ple-ease forgive me mom. I’m coming home…”

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