The Shocker


“Hello, Frank,” I answered as I picked up the phone call.

“Baby, are you not coming home today?” he inquired.

“No, it has been raining since yesterday night, and you know I do not travel whenever it rains,” I answered with a sad tone.

“Yeah true, maybe tomorrow right?” he asked me.

“Yeah, thank you, I love you.”

“Love you more, take care.”

I smiled as I ended the call. Frank has been my fiancé for a year plus. We met each other back then in college and we fell absolutely in love with each. I loved him and he loved me too. We lived in the same apartment too.

I travelled for my granny’s burial in the East and I couldn’t stay any longer apart from my Frank. I love him so much.

Today, I left the village and didn’t inform him of my coming home. A surprise visit would be much better. When he called me, I told him I wasn’t coming home today, but right now, I just alighted at the bus stop waiting for a taxi man to pull up in front of me. I checked my wrist watch and noticed it was quarter pass eight. He must be home from work anyway.

Not up to thirty minutes later, I was already on my way home to meet my honey, I’ve missed him so much. You won’t understand…

The taxi stopped right in front of the gate, the driver came out, while I too came out, carrying my bag with me. I paid him and he nodded and left.

I walked in and straight to his apartment, humming some sort of music as I approached the house. The house was locked from outside. Shit, where could he be by this time? It’s almost ten and he isn’t home. Anyway I have my keys with me.

Nice and perfect, he isn’t home, so a nice way of surprising him. I unlocked the door and went in.

I dropped my bag in the sitting room and headed for the bedroom. I opened the door and went in. He was at home because I could see his phone on the bed, but where could he be?

Then I heard voices coming from of the bathroom. I walked silently to the bathroom, the voices were coming were becoming loud and clear this time. It was the voice of two and the other one sounds more like a woman’s voice.

What’s a woman doing in here? I asked inaudibly as I held my breath. I held forehead in frustration as I turned towards the bed. Yeah my suspicions were right, I saw a female’s handbag beside the bed.

“This is serious,” I mumbled and sat on the bed waiting for them to be out.

About six seconds later, Frank came out on his white towel, he stopped immediately and stared at me.

The girl came in immediately.

“What? Sandra!” I shouted.

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