The Reunion

If I was told that I would be happy in my marriage, I would have told the person that he or she was lying. Since the day I married Richard, have known no peace and happiness. All my married days with him were filled with pain, agony, regrets, scathe and mischief.

Everyday, he would complain of every single thing I do, he saw nothing good in anything I did. And when night comes, he would avoid me like a plague. We haven’t had sex since we got married.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Happiness, does that name really suit me? I first met Richard when we were in college, I saw him with his friends sitting in the ETF conversing and laughing. He looked handsome and bright. It was more like a love at first sight. I approached them and said, “Hi,” shyly.

They paused for some seconds, trying to verify if they knew me somewhere.

“Hello,” they all chorused.

“I’m a new student here, my name is Happy,” I said looking at Richards face.

“Oh welcome to the college, Happy,” Richard said.

I just muttered a “thank you” and left them with a big smile.

I’m from a wealthy background. My dad was a well renowned and reputable wine magnate in Nigeria whose products went across the country.

I’m the only child of my parents and was treated like a princess. I got whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I fell for Richard immediately I laid my eyes on him even though I later found out that he had a girlfriend, I still didn’t give up in my pursuit to get him.

Richard was from a very low and powerless background, whose family battled day and night to find daily bread. They barely fed two square meals per day, that was how bad it was for them. He got into college through a scholarship that was awarded to him by the state’s local government chairman for coming out as the best student in high school.

Since I set my eyes on him, I wasn’t able to sleep nor rest. His image kept on reflecting in my head each passing second. I decided that I would stop at nothing until he becomes mine.

Everyday, I would look around for him, he became my addiction. Each time I spoke with him, there was this satisfaction I derived. But it was too bad that he saw me as just a friend.

One day, I told him to tutor me on a course that had become an headache to me—statistics, and he agreed. Well, learning wasn’t my motive, this was my chance of confessing my feelings for him and that night during the tutorial would be the best moment. We arranged for the tutorial to be held in my apartment by 8pm.

Night came, I made a delicious meal of fried rice and turkey meat coupled with wines and juice. Richard arrived just in time when I finished setting the table.

I heard my door bell ring, I rushed to the door and opened it. There stood my ever handsome Richard.

“Hi Happy,” he greeted.

“Hi Richie,” I answered waving my palm shyly and opened the door wide for him to get in.

I walked him straight to my dinning room, he told me he wasn’t hungry because he ate before coming.

“Oh no I’m fine,” he said

“This is the first time of you coming to my apartment and you would say no to my meal?”

I later confessed my feelings for him after the tutorial, but he turned me down saying he was in love with someone else and they were dating. I felt bad and rejected, I cried my eyes out after he left till I fell asleep that night.

I kept on forcing myself on him but each time, he said no. I tried seducing him but this time, he avoided me completely.

During holiday, I explained everything to my dad and he shouted, “How dare he reject my princess? Doesn’t he know whose daughter you are?”

My dad presented a cheque of 20 million naira to Richard’s dad, telling him to talk to his son to accept me as his woman. His dad accepted the cheque in a jiffy because his family needed it the most. Richard married me in order not to disobey his father against his own will. We got married when he was in his final year, I was in my third year then.

Since the day we got married, there has been no peace or happiness in our union. I knew he never loved me, but I didn’t care about it, all I wanted was to be with him. Everyday, he would insult me, hit me and complain over every little thing. I would cry and cry but that didn’t stopped me from loving him. The last time he hit me, I couldn’t bear it anymore. It was as if a trailer crushed me, all my body was full of marks and lines from his skin belt. I packed my things and left the house and went straight to my parents.

Richards POV

I walked into the sitting room, everywhere was quiet, something was missing. What have I done? What did she do to deserve this much hatred from me? Was it a crime for her to love me? I blame my dad for being carried away by material things, thereby selling me off. I shouldn’t have put it up on her. I miss Happiness, I think have fallen in love with her. I can’t stay in this house alone, I’m very lonely.

I rushed out to my wife’s parents house and saw her sitting in the garden sobbing. I ran up to her to beg for forgiveness

“I’m sorry Happiness, I’m very sorry for everything I did to you, please forgive me,” I said with a cracked voice.

“I’m sorry too Richard, I forced myself on you. I separated you from the woman you loved, I deserve everything I’m facing, please forgive me,” Happiness said falling on her knees, crying and begging for forgiveness.

“I’ve come to realize that you are the one I want. Since you left, I have been lonely. There’s a vacuum in my heart and only your presence can fill it. Please come back home Happiness,” I said bringing her up.

“Since I came here too, I have been missing you. I’m coming back home Richard,”

“I love you,” I said and gave her a deep kiss on her lips for the first time.

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