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Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me,

Let’s rewrite a past only the future knows
On the 18th of July, 2012 don’t come back home
I know you’d miss its comfort deep down in your bones
Longing for that earthy familiar scent tickling your nose
I know you’d miss the softness of your bed
Your red and cozy duvet coloured in red
I know your belly will ever remain loyal to Mum’s pot
Yearning to taste its deliciousness ‘as-e-de-hot’
I know you’d miss Mum and Dad’s warmth
You won’t mind doing chores again for all it’s worth

Please don’t
Stay with Aunty Beck for one more day, I insist
But I’d understand if you can’t resist
(I couldn’t too)

Dear Younger Self,
Wear your favourite blue jean not a gown
Mum hates it but ignore her frown
Follow them out, resist the urge to stay alone
Lest the one you once loved, you’d learn to loathe
The doors should be locked
Turn a deaf ear to whoever knocks
That includes a familiar man in green
The one with the friendly face and wide grin
When he leaves, that chapter of your life won’t stay closed

Just do as I have said, I insist
But I’d understand if you can’t resist

Dear Younger Self,
For once forget your home training by not offering him a seat
Don’t get hooked by his baited words
His manner of approach will smell fishy
His eyes will linger longer and his fingers will trace your skin, very creapy
Red light
He is giving you the green light
Run! Flee in fright
He is evil lurking in broad daylight
Lest, I forget…
Don’t take the knife back to the kitchen sink
I mean the one you will use earlier to peel off the orange skin
Self defense is a mandatory skill

Don’t be naive, I insist
But I’d understand if you couldn’t resist

Dear Younger Self,
If you have reached this point without heeding my advice
You are now a victim of a societal vice
Raped by a bloody paedophile
Your holy temple is defiled
He will roar at you like a lion
Threatening to kill you on the very bed you lie on
He will call you names making you wish for death
From that moment you will become uncle’s filthy sex pet
I bet,
Just like I did
You’d grow up, you’d grow in
Too afraid to speak up against him

Dear Younger Self,
Don’t be anything like me
A nymphomaniac
Crazy maniac
One incapable of sticking to one man
With insatiable sexual desires

Speak up while you can
Seek justice
Save yourself
Save me
Save us

Yours sincerely,
Broken parts from the future

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