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I’m on my way to ecstasy,
to the lonely valley of fantasy,
to the narrow riff of classy;
where desires look glassy,
and ideas are sexy.

I have circumvented all odds,
I have reinvented my thoughts,
I have prevented the worst,
yet my soul is ghastly cursed.

The fangs of retrogress stroke me,
when I leaped for balance.
The smoke of confusion choke me,
when I sought for existence.
Awful, awful, awful,
everything suddenly become.

In sight of victory;
success eloped me.
Close to the finish line,
the last hurdle became a wall.
Giving up became an option
as every other goes to extinction.

One for the ride was promise,
if I could persevere;
but none was in the wide, all missed
as my pain became severe.
I have been lied to,
my zeal is dead too.
I’m left with a weak tool,
passed down from an old school.

Reality is shrouded in the smiles,
for I could still see the dirty piles.
Anxiety became that guy,
who was running and just dropped by.
Panting, breathtaking moment ensues;
as my fatigue head paid the dues.

Starting at bay,
failure has nothing to say;
but when success wanted to stay,
failure came shouting all the way.
Failure here, failure there;
this is all I got back-to-back.

Now my mind is my only weapon,
fully loaded to wrestle the demon.
The demon, called failure;
with his cohorts from the conjure,
sincerely want to win again;
but painstakingly back-to-back,
my mind gain more grounds.
Atop! Atop! I go!
this is where I really belong.

About Author

Chima Daniel
Chima Daniel is a guy that loves to relate his environment and literary piece. He loves poems, traveling and browsing.
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