The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 5)


Continued from the last part…

Author’s POV

The next morning, Ryan got to school earlier than before, he got into the class and saw Ian and Danielle gazing into a book before them and he could see them giggling. He felt jealous immediately. Why am I like this? he thought.

He quickly went towards them and greeted both of them.

“Good morning Ian, good morning Danielle,” he said and sat on his seat, bringing out his phone. Ian didn’t respond to his greetings, he just nodded, still reading and Ryan scoffed. Danielle looked at him as if he had grown horns on his head.

“Good morning to… you too,” she greeted, stammering.

Ryan nodded and continued to give attention to his phone. Danielle looked at him for a while and she smiled, it was obvious that she blushed when Ryan greeted her.

Uhmmm…” Ryan cleared his throat. “Actually, I’m sorry for yesterday. I was just in a bad mood and I spoke to you that way because I was kinda angry,” he lied and Danielle smiled. Ian knew what was happening, but he decided to keep quiet, he knows his friend more than anything else, but he won’t say anything now. Ian kept reading the book in front of him and shook his head a little in pity for Danielle.

” I’m no more angry Ryan, it’s okay,”
she said.

“I can buy you another one,” he said but Danielle shook her head and turned her eyes back to her note still smiling, Ryan smirked at this and returned to his phone again. Daniel thought, doesn’t he read at all? How come he is so brilliant?

If you like yourself Danielle, stay away from Ryan, you are too ignorant to stand him. You will get hurt, Ian thought, if only he could tell her right now, but he couldn’t spoil his friendship with Ryan like this. They were childhood friends. But when will Ryan stop? he thought again and left the class. They heard the bell that rang, so all students trooped out of the class and Danielle also followed them since she didn’t know where they were going. Ryan also wanted to leave the class, when Ian dragged him back.

Ryan’s POV

I got to school this morning and saw that Danielle girl with Ian, they were actually reading. When did Ian suddenly start coming to school early huh?

And now, with that girl? I wondered, but I suddenly felt a pang of jealousy. Where did that come from? Why am I like this?

I went to my seat and sat down.

“Good morning Ian, good morning Danielle,” I greeted both of them and Ian didn’t raise his head from the book, he only nodded to my greetings. I scoffed, Danielle looked at me very surprised and she smiled broadly. Keep smiling, there’s something awaiting you. I smiled back at her.

“Good… morning to… you too, ” she stammered and I cleared my throat.

Uhhhmmm, actually I’m sorry for yesterday. I was just in a bad mood and I spoke to you that way because I was kinda angry,” I lied and she smiled and blushed, and I pity her right now.

She told me she was no more angry and I smiled, gazing back at my phone. First step cleared. Let’s move to becoming friends

The bell was rung and all the students rushed out of the class, and since she didn’t know where everyone was going, I stood up to leave and Ian held my hand and dragged me back.

“Ryan please stop this, I know you want to set on this one too,” “When will you stop hurting all girls just because of one?”

“And when did you start pleading for them?” I barked at him and stepped back a little. “We have been in this together, so don’t think you’re a saint now, ” I said.

“Ryan please, you can just finish with Amelia first,” he said with a pleading gesture.

Since when did Ian become like this? Something is fishy here. “Ian, don’t foil my plans with this attitude of yours,” I said and walked out.

Ian’s POV

Ryan won’t stop this anytime soon. Danielle is too ignorant to played. She is too beautiful to be toyed around with. I won’t allow this to happen, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I just can’t allow this to happen to her.

I just hope that what I’m thinking shouldn’t happen

Looking at Danielle I can see she is falling for Ryan’s trick, but she doesn’t know what’s gonna hit her at all.

But why can’t girls just resist him? Why should he use his charming looks to hurt people? I admit I usually assist him with it, but it will stop now, I quickly went to the hall

Danielle’s POV

I’m so happy today. Did Ryan actually greet me? And he even apologised, but why was he behaving like a scoundrel yesterday? Oh no, Danielle stop blushing, you are making it obvious that you like him. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I quickly looked back. It was Emma. She also was already in the hall too.

“Good morning Dani,” she greeted and sat beside me.

“Morning Emma,” I greeted back and she looked into my face for a while.

“Why are you blushing? Huh?” she asked tickling me.

“It’s nothing Emma let’s just concentrate on what the Dean has to tell us.”

The Dean climbed the podium and took the microphone. “Good morning students of Unique High. I just want to announce to you that the basketball competition for this term has been signed and it will begin by next month. So I want you all to begin your training tomorrow. The cheerleading groups should begin their training once again. I wish you all success,” he said and stepped down from the podium. It looks as if he was in a hurry. Students jumped up happily and clapping

“How many cheerleading groups do you have in the school?” I asked Emma.

“Dominion Cheerleading Group led by Amelia as their leader while the second is the Lilies Cheerleading Group led by Rose, but she hasn’t been in school for a while,” Emma said

“I will join the Lilies Cheerleading Group,” I shouted and some students looked at me, I quickly sat back down.

“But the Lilies have always lost to Dominion. if the Lilies loose again this time. Dominion will participate in the coming inter school competitions,” Emma said carrying her bag.

“Don’t worry Emma, I’m following my heart,” I said and we both left the hall.

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