The Hidden Truth (Part 13)


Continued from the last part…

Ava’a POV

What’s he trying to do? Why did he close the door? In fact this guy is very stupid. If he tries to do anything funny with me, I make sure he doesn’t leave here alive, I’m just being calm lately.

“Really CD, why did you leave the class when you knew I was staring at you, huh?” he said, now coming closer to me, I started moving back, not wanting his hands to touch me. Now I’m getting afraid, but I have to be bold enough. I’m not losing hope.

Dave’s POV

“What… are….. you… doing?” she stammered and I smiled. I love this, she thinks she’s strong enough to withstand me. I’m gonna show her that she’s not all too mighty.

“What do you think I’m doing?” I said, still very close to her as she moved back. She immediately used her right hand to cover her breasts. I chuckled. What’s she thinking right now? Dirty mind.

“Don’t come close to me, or?” she said, still moving back.

“Or what? Will you kick me?” I mockingly asked now pinning her to the wall.

“I can do more than that you know?” she said boldly. Where’s this boldness coming from now? I’m gonna melt her down now, I thought as I brought down my face to her neck making my breath touch her. She shrugged calmly. Yeah it’s getting to her. I touched her waist, she shook immediately but I wasn’t through with her. I looked at her face, her eyes were all shut tightly. My eyes rested on her lips. Those lips were tempting me. I came nearer, and our mouth almost touched each other. She held her breath. I looked at her lips, I immediately wanted it so badly. No, this is wrong, I need to control myself right now. I haven’t seen such beauty in my life, I brought my mouth to her ear and bit it lightly. She shifted uncomfortably, I smiled, now I’ve gotten her, she isn’t tough as I thought, it means it’s easy to get her to be my girl.

“Why are you closing your eyes?” I whispered to her and she immediately opened her eyes. It was now dull, somehow beautiful. She immediately pushed me away, opened the door and ran away. I let out a good laugh.

Ava’s POV

What’s wrong with me? What’s this strange feeling now? I almost fucked up but believe me, I loved the feeling. I’ve not had that before. I’m a girl who’s not always interested in guys. I don’t talk to guys and I have no business with them, but today he made me feel like having a guy in my life.

Gosh, I shouldn’t be saying this, I have to be more careful or I lose my virginity. I’m keeping it for my future husband. My friends say it’s weird, but I don’t care. I will have to be more careful now especially around Dave. He’s making me crazy and I don’t want what happened today to repeat itself. I should stay away because another day might not be like this. I need to be alone, I’m going to the garden right now. I need to clear those feelings.

I walked down the stairs to the entrance, I stepped on the wrong stairs, losing my balance, and fell off. I closed my eyes, thinking I was already down already, but I opened my eyes and , my eyes met with his. He smiled and immediately dropped me, I’d forgotten I was on somebody’s arms. I looked at him again. Dennis.

“You got to be more careful next time, he advised. I muttered a thank you to him and he smiled. I looked at him as he rushed upstairs. I bent down to pick up my phone, but someone stepped on the phone and crushed it into pieces. I looked up, it was Amelia. I stood up furiously.

“What the heck do you think you are doing? Are you crazy?” I shouted angrily.

“Oh, are you hurt?” she asked smiling devilishly. In fact she’s a devil.

“You did that intentionally?” I asked amazed.

“I don’t do things unintentionally, it’s a warning to you girl, you are in my way, keep off and don’t interfere in my business, next time might not be good for you,” she said trying to go. I stopped her with my hands, and came closer to her. I looked at her legs, she was on heels, like 6 inches tall. I angrily stepped on her, she screamed and fell off.

Students looked on, some tooked pictures of her, while some were whispering to themselves. I bent down to her and looked at her face, seems this girl knows nothing about me.

“This is what happens when you intentionally do wrong to someone. You might mess up with other people but not me. It might not be only your legs, your body might be included next time,” I said and rushed out immediately.

Amelia’s POV

“She’s gonna die for what she did to me, I swear I must end her life,” I fumed as Doris cleaned my leg.

“This is the same girl that has been all over Dennis, I think it’s time to deal with her.”

“She shouldn’t mess up with me, no one dares. I got up and went to the window, I put a call to the man that does dirty jobs for me”.

“I need you for a job, this time, someone’s gonna die”,let’s meet. I told him and cut the call. I left immediately.

Morris’ POV

“Ann, watch this,” I told Ann as she joined me. I played the video all over again.

“Ava is in big trouble,” Ann told me.

“I think she has to be more careful now. It looks cool seeing Amelia like that.”

Ava came in, students stared at her, she came closer to us and sat down.

“Why are they looking at me?” she asked.

“It has gone round the school, look,” I said, showing her the video. She smiled.

“You just made yourself popular, look at the comments,” Ann said as we all placed our eyes on the phone.

Our school has found Amelia’s rival. Good for her, next time she should be careful, not all girls tolerate her nonsense. I think she’s wounded, kudos to Ava.

Oh no, Ava is in trouble, we better watch out for her. The school’s most beautiful girl on her knees to a commoner, What a shame.
Ava should get ready to fight, our team leader should fight back.

I think the last person is a red,” Ann mumbled and we nodded in agreement.

“You are being called at the principal office,” a junior student said and left.

“You have been reported Ava, don’t panic,” I told her. She nodded and hopped out of the class.

I smell trouble Ann.

Ava’s POV

I went into the principal office and I was told she wasn’t in but at the swimming contest . Odd. I was told she was here.

“I think you should check up on her there.”
I rushed upstairs to the swimming contest and saw no one. I went in, and looked more but couldn’t find anyone. I then turned to leave, the door immediately got shut. Now who’s playing this plank? I shouted to myself.

To be continued…

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