Seductive Ink


Slender, sleek and smooth; you’re the life of me.
Come, inscribe words that awe my heart.
Let’s draw a map of beatitude.
Let’s weave words which wafts away wails
and tales that touch the heart.
Draw words which makes the world
believe and fall in love again.
My pen has a heart of its own.
These are not my thoughts, I promise.
You have no inkling of what my ink can do to me.
Shooting me to the stars and painting the skies
with words alluring and flirty to my soul.
My pen is feminine; I can tell by the way
It sways gently and softly in rhythmic rhythm.
It’s a coquette with such etiquette!
Sometimes I feel she belongs whole to me
and a few times, her charms makes me jealous.
My pen and I are one.
Count to ten,
watch my pen
swoon the men.

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Favour Uchechukwu (aka Whyte Queen) is a student of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (popularly known as Unizik) where she studies Psychology. She is a prolific writer with an inborn love for poetic diction and language. Her writing was born of grief, resulting from the death of her mom. But she has since moved on and learnt to find joy in the smallest things that come with life. She is one to give life to words and make you feel them like they were Braille written out for the blind. She has taken part in several Facebook Competitions and won some for the good of African literature and its current net worth. She aspires to take African literature to a whole new level. She has for herself, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as a role model and hopes to transcend beyond the moonlighting offered by her epic works of African art.


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