While we ponder over the future,
the future comes and goes.
The sun sets,
and countless birthdays have come and gone.

What we look for all our lives,
will always be right in front of us.
Where we wish to go to,
will always be worse than where we are.

All we are at the moment will never be enough.
What we don’t understand, we fear.
What we fear, we hate.
And what we hate, we destroy.

We like to keep it simple,
and at the same time complain about how boring it is.
We believe in God’s existence,
but we never want to go see him.
Time, as endless as it is,
is never enough for us.

We always cry.
When we’re happy,
when we’re sad,
when we win and when we lose,
we always cry.

We are human beings,
and we never learn…

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