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Bad Ass in Love (Episode Fifteen)

Continued from the last part…

John’s POV

I stood up and made to run.

“Hey, Mr. John. Can we talk to you for a sec?” one of the cops said and I paused. I turned and looked at them.

“I don’t know any criminal, OK? So leave me alone,” I said.

“No one’s talking about any criminal. Mr. Bryan had issued us with the responsibility of bringing you to his house safe and sound,” they said and my heart skipped a beat.

Did Bob tell them that I’m a kidnapper? No fucking way!

“I need to make a call,” I said to them and left them.

I went to bathroom, took my phone and dialled a number.

“Hey! Did you release him?” I asked immediately he picked the call.

“No. Not yet. Any problem?” he asked and I sighed.

“No problem. Just wanted to know. Bye!” I said and ended the call.

I dressed my texudo properly and left the bathroom. I walked out and saw Ann talking with the cops.

I don’t know why I have this unusual feeling that she knows about my plans. My mother’s sweat shall not be in vain.

I cleared my throat as I walked in.

“Mr. John, are you ready?” one of the cops asked.

“Yeah. Pretty much” I replied to them. I turned to Ann. “Just stay here, OK? I’ll be back before you even know that I’m gone,” I assured her.

“Alright, be careful,” she replied and kissed me. “Take good care of yourself,” she added.

I sat on my car, ignited the car to life, and drove off as the cops served as escorts!

Anita’s POV

I came out from the bathroom and saw the cops. My joy was beyond comprehension.
I walked up to them trying to get some information. I was the verge of knowing why they came when John walked in. We discussed and he said that I should come over to Bob’s.

I sat on the table alone when he left. I sat down smiling. At last, I’d have a chance of expose John. Sweet!

Minutes later, my phone started beeping. I checked the caller and it was John.

“Hey!” I said when I picked up.

“I need you to do one thing for me,” he said quickly.

“Wh-what happened ?” I asked

“I need you to come over to Bob’s. Like right now. I need you here now!” he said and cut the call.

Thank goodness!

I picked my purse, took some bucks and gave it to the Chinese waiter. “Keep the change,” I said and rushed out of the restaurant. I hailed a taxi and took off to the Bryan Tower.

Minutes later, I was already staring at the magnificent building which beauty was made known by the dark night. The lights brightened everywhere.

I walked to the gate and it opened automatically. I walked in and saw John coming out from the building. I ran out to him and gave him a tight hug. I held his a gave him a quick kiss.

“I love you!” I said to him and hugged him.

Someone cleared his throat and I turned… it was Bob.

Bob’s POV

I escaped from them. I don’t just know how it happened but they lost me and left me alone.
Luckily for me, I saw the cops and they took me home safely.

My dad called John and gave him the job back. I heard that Ann was coming. I made myself the most handsome man she would ever see. I came in and saw her hugging and kissing John. I was furious but I had to keep my cool.

“Can I talk to you for sec?” I asked as I walked closer to them. “That’s if you don’t mind,” I added.

“Sure,” John replied and left.

“Ann look… I know I have been a dick. But I need you to do one for thing for me,” I said.

“What could that be?” she asked and chuckled.

“I need to handle the office tommorow. I’ll be officially back tommorow. Can you?”

“I’ll think about it,” she said and left.

I sighed. I actually caused this shit. I hope she comes tomorrow. Gonna give her the suprise of her life.

Anita’s POV

I don’t know if I should be laughing or crying. I think I should be laughing. I mean, he was the boss and now, he needs me to come to his office? Bullshit!

But wait! On a second thought, what if I use this opportunity to get closer to him. That would be perfect! I walked up to John and told him I was feeling sleepy. We bade farewell to the Bryan’s and went home.


I woke up feeling pains all over my body.
Probably from the stress last night.
I checked the time. 09:51am. No fucking way!
I came downstairs and saw a lady on a nanny wear.

“Who’re you ma’am?” I asked with confusion visibly written on my face.

“My name is Kira. I’m the nanny to the oldies in the house. I commenced yesternight,” she said.

“Oh. Where’s John?” I asked.

“He went to work,” she replied. I nodded and left. Wait, work. I needed to follow him to work.

I greeted my parents and went back to my room. I took a quick bath, took out a fitting cloth from the closet and left to Bob’s office.

I board a taxi and in no time, I was already at Bryan Cooperatives! I walked into the company and everyone looked at me.

“…and there she is, the woman of my life,” Bob said pointing at me.

He walked up to me and knelt down. He dipped his hand in his trousers pocket and brought a box. He opened the box and brought out a diamond ring.

“Will you marry me?” he said.

I was perplexed. I was speechless. I didn’t know what do.

I. Was. Confused.

To be continued…

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