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The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 4)

Continued from the last part…

The novel fell from Danielle’s hand as her mouth fell open.

“What did you say?” Danielle asked again to be sure of what she heard.

“Yes, I was a victim of Ryan’s play boy act, but fortunately, he didn’t get what he wanted from me,” she said, cleaning the tears that wanted to drop anytime soon.

How can someone be so wicked? Danielle thought within herself. She was brought back to reality by Emma’s voice.

“Can we be friends Dani?” she asked and Danielle nodded, they both smiled and hugged themselves. Danielle was happy that she quickly found a friend in school but little did she know that her suffering had just begun.


Danielle rushed out of their house and hastily bade her dad goodbye as she was in a hurry. Later she couldn’t run the long distance anymore, so she slowed down. She was still on the road when a car suddenly bypassed her and splashed dirty water on her.

“Oh my God! What’s this?” she shouted angrily and stomped her legs on the ground. “Why is my day so ruined like this, huh?” she started sobbing while cleaning her clothes. Unknown to her, Ryan was the one in the car and he was looking at her from the car’s mirror.

“I think I like her,” he said with a cracked voice.

“Did my voice really crack now? Oh no,” he said and he came down from his car. He watched Danielle for a while before going to meet her. He had told his driver to stay back home and on the way, he had accidentally splashed dirty water on Danielle. When he got to where Danielle was, he quickly pretended as if he didn’t know it was her.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry miss. I didn’t notice the water,” he said as he watched Danielle clean her cloth.

“Why, why, why, why must you make today bad for me?” she asked glaring at him and he stepped back. “You think I didn’t know that it was you? I’m not that dumb not to have noticed you standing beside your car earlier. So please leave now, don’t ruin my day the more,” she said and walked away.

“Your wish,” Ryan shouted and drove off.

Prestige Coffee Shop

Danielle got to her workplace and the owner came out and shot her an angry glare.

“You wanna loose your job?” the lady shouted at her angrily. Danielle quickly bowed and start begging.

“I’m sorry ma’am, it won’t happen again. I’m really sorry. I don’t want to loose my job,” she pleaded and the lady hissed then wanted to walk away, when a voice stopped her.

“Auntie,” the voice called and the lady stopped, then turned back, she smiled broadly.

“Oh my dear, I have missed you so much. I wonder what made you to visit me today,” the lady said and Danielle turned to the familiar voice.

“Him again?” she said angrily. It was Ryan, Danielle left to change into her uniform.

“Is she working here?” Ryan asked his aunt and she nodded. “She is actually my classmate and also my seat mate. She just resumed school today anyway. What’s her name?” he asked his aunt and she told him her name. “I think I have interest in that girl, let’s see if I can become her friend,” he said and his aunt only shook her head.

“Don’t try anything funny okay?”

“No, I won’t,” he said, he spent the rest of the day there and left at night.


Danielle’s POV

Why am I suddenly drooling over that rude guy? Why, why, why, Danielle control yourself ? You aren’t crushing on him okay?
But why was he actually following me today? Wait, did he really follow me? Danielle you are dumb indeed. It might just be coincidence.

Don’t fall for him okay? He is too cute, what should I do and I am beside him. He is even a playboy.

“Danielle,” I heard dad’s voice and I quickly pushed the thoughts away and went to meet him.

“Yes dad, I’m here,” I said and he asked me to sit.

“What is it daddy?” I asked him. I was already feeling like sleeping.

“I have something to tell you dearie and I don’t know how to you will take it,” he said and I urged him to say what he wanted to say.

“I want to look for a job Dani. I can’t always watch you do everything yourself. I can work Dani. I’m the one that’s supposed take care of you at this age, not the other way round. Save those money for your education,” he said and tears dropped down from my eyes, I quickly went to hug him.

“I will do everything for you, but not this dad. I won’t allow you to hurt yourself more because of me. I will continue working and save up more money for your treatment before it’s too late. Don’t worry daddy,” I said and I hugged him again. I won’t allow him to work, he is too weak to do that. I helped him to his room and watched him till he slept off and I retired back to my room.

Dad is suffering because of me, he saved me from a fire and in the process he got stuck in the house. He was asthmatic and as the fire got more intense, he couldn’t breath well. It all happened because of me.

I caused that fire, I made the house to catch fire. I lit it up, I was frustrated and angry at myself, I caused everything.


I was playing with my friends when one of them suddenly hit me, I hit him back, and he cried home to meet his mother. They both came to our house.

“I told your stupid daughter not to ever hit my son again but she won’t listen, the next time she does this, I won’t take it lightly. Bunch of wretched people,” she said and left. Dad looked at me for a while and went outside. I entered the house and brought out a lighter. I lit it and dropped it on the bed, I was ten years old then and I can’t say I was naive, I just didn’t know what I was doing.

The house started burning down and dad despite his asthmatic condition, he still entered and pushed me out, he wanted to come out too, but he was trapped there, he inhaled the smoke too much, and when he was later saved, he was diagnosed of lung cancer and a ruptured liver. They said he had only ten years to live more and since then I have been saving up to save my dear father.


Why save this unworthy daughter, I just hope I can find enough money to save dad. God please help me. I don’t want my dad to die now. I’m sixteen years now, and dad only has four more years to live. I just hope that a miracle will happen.

I later fell asleep after much thought.

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