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Pains of Hadiza (Episode Three)

Continued from the last part…

“Eh? Oh.. yes, I’m fine,” I stammered.

“Hi, I’m Ahmed,” I introduced myself proffering my hand for a handshake.

“I’m Sadiya,” she introduced herself and accepted my hand.

“Nice meeting you Sadiya.”

“Nice meeting you too,” she said and I released her hand.

“You don’t like this place?” I asked after watching the way she was looking at the coffee shop.

“Yes I don’t. This place is too local for my liking, why do we have to meet up here?” she asked.

“Actually, Hajiya told us to meet here,” I answered.

“I’m too classic to be in this cheap coffee shop. Let’s go to somewhere else, somewhere more luxurious,” she said still using her eyes to survey the inside of the coffee shop.

“Alright then, let’s go,” I said and stood up. I went up to her, drew her seat out and held her hand while we walked out of the coffee shop.

She told her driver to take her car home while we boarded mine. Mehn this babe is damn rich, her car is a Rolls Royce 2019 model. We zoomed off and stopped at a luxurious and expensive coffee shop across the highway of Kano state. I stepped out of the car and opened the door for her to come out. She stepped out like a queen, I stretched my arm out, she held it with hers while we walked majestically into the coffee shop with our arms clenched on each other firmly like a king and his queen.

We walked straight to an empty table where we sat. My eyes were busy looking at the inner beauty of the coffee shop in admiration when a waiter walked up to us and got our orders and left to get them for us. We were conversing and getting to know each other more, she was quite interesting and absorbing. The waiter brought our orders, two cups of cappuccino and was about dropping it on the table, but the tray slipped off her hands making the drinks spill on Sadiya’s dress. She got up with rage and gave the waiter a resounding slap. Before I could intervene, she already landed three slaps on her face and raining abusive words on her.

“Sadiya calm down, you know it wasn’t intentional,” I said trying to calm her down.

“It wasn’t intentional? This cheap slut spill drinks on my dress, the dress that can feed her whole generation and you are telling me to calm down?” she said sternly.

The waiter was just standing with her hands covering her face apologizing. Sadiya didn’t stop there, she tugged her dress with great effort and tossed her around like a worthless rag until she fell on the ground crying. She didn’t retaliate or fight back, she was just crying and apologizing. I held Sadiya, begging her to stop, but all my pleas fell on deaf ears.

People who were also present in the coffee shop that moment rushed to intervene but still, Sadiya kept up her actions. Out of anger and embarrassment, I left her there and went my way. She ran after me shouting my name, but I was too upset to listen to her. Before she could get to me, I already hopped in my car and zoomed off. What a bad date! I exclaimed.

Sadiya was a spoilt brat, she was mannerless and lacked home training. She doesn’t have human feelings or sympathy, she was just beautiful, but had no brain. Beauty without brain is nothing but stupidity.

I got home, called Hajiya on the phone and explained what had transpired, but to my utmost surprise, Hajiya took sides with her, saying that what she did was the right thing to do.

“How do you expect her to react when a cheap slut spilled drinks on her dress?” she said.

“Sister, you surprised me. How can you support such stupid act? The waiter made mistake and apologized immediately, but Sadiya still slapped and tossed her around like a rag, raining abusive words on her. We are all humans, Hajiya, and ought to make mistakes,” I said trying to make her see reasons why Sadiya’s action wasn’t a good one.

“Are you siding with the waiter?” she asked me to my surprise.

“I’m done with this conversation sis, Sadiya is beautiful but mannerless. She has no regards for people, too pompous and proud. I will advise her to go back to her mom for proper upbringing, bye,” I said and hung up the call.

“Ahmed did you just—” But the call was already ended. “Did Ahmed just hang up on me?”

To be continued…

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