Love is not blind.
Love actually sees beyond the physical.
Love is not finding the perfect match.
Love is actually finding the direct opposite.
Love is like magnet,
Unlike poles and all that.

Love is a choice you have to make everyday.
Love is work, hard work,
probably the hardest on earth.
Love brings joy and laughter,
as well as pain and disaster.

Love is not a feeling.
Anger, pain, excitement, lust,
These are all feelings,
But love is not.
You can say its a commitment.

Love is like working out,
Stop today and the pot belly returns tomorrow.
Love is a daily practice,
and practice makes perfect.

Love when reciprocated, is the best feeling.
And when its not, its the worst.
Love is a man’s motivation,
and also his depression.
Love is a well known Enigma.

If you still think that love is blind,
and that it’s a feeling,
and that when it comes,
you don’t have a choice,

Please my friend, grow up….

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