Jungle Justice

Arise o compatriot
Her lands has drifted its laws
Dialogues grew to riot
Anger at everyone’s jaws
Mobs decide your fate
Stealing is very fatal
Death will come no late
When the scene gets critical
The authorities emerges
I fight to protect my nation
To make a secured Nigeria
While bullets ran in fast motion
Invading the chest of my brother
Where are those responsible to protect lives?
Jungle justice is a leach
Too in to be out
One that had several lives bleached off
Too real to doubt
My fear factor
You’d feel each day as déjà vu
An occurrence with different scene
Each stone holds a death record
Each tire helped committed sin
This has long been the method
The fire was never meant to condemn
The sticks never meant to inflict bruises
The lands feared more death
But man’s heart never loved but thyself
Let’s hope than despair
Let the law do its biding
Let’s culture tolerance
Let’s not depend on a spear
Let the blood know no spilling
Let’s live like we paired
Hail our motherland
Our acoustic rhythm
The land of peace but no equity
The rich bounces the law
The poor gets hit by the law
But we triumph
And let love lead

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