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The pills on the table were still there untouched. It was the first thing I realized as I opened my eyes from a nap. I sat up to have a full scan of the room, the spot mom sat a while ago was empty. Looking at the far corner of the room, the cup of water was still there, confirming that I had not taken my medication.

I climbed down the sofa, and walked to the window, intending to check on mom’s car or any sign that I wasn’t home alone. Just about when I wanted to peer through the louvers, a flash of pain struck my head, forcing me to pull at the curtains instead. With the pain spreading faster, from my head down to my chest, my body began to quiver and notes of voices began to ring in my ears.

I was able to pick on one, or so it seemed and it was warning me.

“Your drug is your sanity.”

It was a husky and coarse voice, it kept ringing again and again in my ears. I put my hands over my ears, pushing harder every moment as I hope to shut it off.

“You need to take it now.”

It warned me again. I flashed a gaze at the table where the pills were meant to be, but then my phone was there vibrating instead. With brisk steps I reached my phone in time, unknown caller ID blinking beneath the screen.

“It was no call, you need your pill now.”

This time it was a shriek. It shook my body and I felt my grip on the phone becoming weaker until it slipped off, taken only a few seconds to crash to the floor. Truly, the pills were all I needed but at this moment it was human aid I needed badly.

I must find help.

I tottered along, holding out my hands like roach’s antenna, feeling the weight of every step as I fought to see through my blurry vision. I dropped to the ground when I couldn’t hold on, groaning with a failed body. A taste of betrayal stung at the back of my throat, as I watched my senses backing off, plunging me into comatose.

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Chukwuebuka Harrison Aninze
Chukwuebuka Harrison Aninze is a Medical Laboratory Scientist whose hobbies include reading and writing. He also loves writing flash fictions.
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