Mother cries every night,
She wails like an egbére.

Ain’t you ashamed of yourself?
Don’t you beget any pity on your face?
Don’t you get tired of coming and going
Like a roller coaster?
Or of being shoveled into the dirty soils
Every time like a yam tuber,

Father feels waisted too,
You’ve made him regret ever marrying mother,
He cries everyday too—
He cries behind closed doors
And behaves like a man outside,

Please stay and put a smile on mother’s face,
You’ve given mother a new name—
Ìya àbíkú.
You’ve broken the pot of affection mother kept for you,
And as for father,
He cares no more,
You come and go like the day,
Or like the lámilámi on the village river.

Please Dúró and bury father and mother,
Or you shouldn’t even come back again,
‘Cos kòsókó mó!

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Aderinoye Martins Festus Adedayo (Pen name as festty¶) is a graduate of Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo. He studied English Language / Sgt. He is a book worm, a natural psychologist, a crazy and mysterious psychic. He was named 'The Inspired Idiot' after the great Sir. William Wordsworth. He is also a teacher, a photographer and enjoys talking to books more than to humans. He's partly stupid, partly paranormal. He digs everything—secrets, studied occult, mysticism, talks to the air and enjoys being around nature.


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