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You abandoned me in the city of discomfit
I only had the room of endless thought to sleep in. Curiosity sang lullaby to lure me to sleep, grief was my morning alarm

Worries swooshing sadness to the depth of my heart, my joy went missing.
Your hardened heart locked my pleading eyes

An enigma billowed over my thin brain.
You wrote my flaws like my god. I was jailed in your prison pride. How easy you found your way in new friendship

I know you thought I was the BRAVE in the battlefield, but I was that fragile that wrapped my shards and rubble underneath my feigned smile.
I disintegrated into so many hopeful moment just to integrate once a again.

Now I’m halfway painting my field green; you are back to tell me how we walked the route of good and bad on which once we were together. I don’t know how sorry you are but I surely do not think we are wrapped to be

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Judith Alonta
A poet
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