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For the truth to be told, this is a time for the bold,
A time for record breakers and game changers,
A time for writers, readers and goal getters.

A time for fighters
A time for winners,
A time for believers
A time for thinkers.

A time for the powerful and those that has wisdom in handful,
A time for planners and brain crackers,
A time for little fear and plans to move ahead,
A time for the elite and erudite,
A time for risk takers world changers.

O! Yea elite and erudite,
O! Yea readers and writers,
O! Yea goal getters and thinkers,
For the truth to be told,
You are more than gold.

Yes! Yes!
We see You! You! And you!
We see you burning the night candle in a bid to change the world,
We see you scribe and think tirelessly all night long for the future of our generation.

We see you!
We see your zeal burning fiercely like embers.
Like a watch man,
We watch your determination become clear like a reality,
We watch you change the world.

About Author

Gloria John
Gloria is a writer who loves reading and enjoys writing a lot. She is also a script writer and wants to make her mother proud.
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