As I sleepily lay here in the dark,
With my thumbs hanging over my keyboard,
Waiting for the words to come,
I thought I should just keep typing,
‘Cause I trust it would make sense in the end.

Like a child waiting for the teacher to dictate the note,
I waited for my brain, sleepily.
Like the hangman’s noose,
My thumbs hang,
waiting for my brain, sleepily.

My brain told me I can’t cheat nature.
I said, “Watch me,” sleepily.
My brain said it had an idea.
I said, “Tell me,” sleepily.
My brain said it would tell me tomorrow.
I said, “Fuck you,” sleepily.
My brain laughed.

At this moment, I now have intervals of
I decided to rhyme it with ‘focus’,
to see if I could actually focus.
It didn’t work.
I can still hear my brain laughing at me.

It’s now a minute to midnight.
I set my alarm to 6am,
chose a title for what I just wrote, and slept.

Good night…
Good morning…

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