Purple Girls

Barely skipping a lie
She left the lips desired
Today a treasure is found beneath her thighs
Later it gets mined
Her eyes kept bouncing to know more
It has been kicked by a very good player
Fabrics get used to rich colognes
The bearer is a multilingual
She speak the language of men
So she gets a gift from them
Nurturing her skin to bleed
Her legs know no boundaries
Step by step, it breached and stole more
Words with beautufully painted commas lingered seasonally around her
Yesterday it came from John
Today it came from his son
For she is a rare toast
Obliged with senseless thought
She felt she was pretty
So she used it for currency
The hunters came and hunted
Her decency is now a carnivore
Welcome, oh mystical wand
The circles in her chest moved randomely
Felt warm pressure
The rider is fully naked
She tangled her hands around the rider’s back
This is a glorious feeling
As she sang songs of unheard lyrics
She was taken to kingdom ruled by the moon
To her this is wonderful
To her this is advanced to joy
Days change frequently
She is now a master at the field
But the body is wearing
Her father waited impatienly for visitors of the day
But his bench stood at ease,
hoping for a call of attention
life gets them surprised
She finally met a soulmate
But something was wrong, her womb is a weakling
She is ridiculed
She was called by her name, unlike every Nigerian woman
The clocks tick for time
Her limbs became feeble
Heart beat for rest
Her eyes moved sluggishly, sickness
As she laid on the bed, rephrasing the truth page by page, line by line
She is positive to the virus, her life being such a fool
She is a HIV carrier
She was a girl learning to survive
Her society failed to teach her, as they talked about her errs in closed doors
Her family were too busy with life, so anothers was wasted
The church only thought prosperity, so a soul was lost for a flesh to be exalted

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