Love and RomanceSeries

Entrusted (Episode Fourteen)

Continued from the last part…

“What’s the problem Sunshine?” Dave asked again, cuddling her very close to him.

“It’s about your job.” Julie caressed his hair gently.

“I thought we already concluded that I’d not be working for Mr. Adams.” Dave ruffled his hair in exasperation.

“No,we didn’t.” Julie looked at him calmly.

“I can’t work for your Dad!” Dave rested his back on the chair, sighing.

“Why?” Julie asked agitatedly.

“Because I just don’t want to.” Dave shrugged his hands in the air.

“But, since you want me to…” Dave looked at Julie, biting his lower lip. “…I will!” He smiled.

Awwn, you will?” Julie asked in amazement.

“Yeah. Anything for my sunshine.” Dave gently kissed her cheek.

Awwn awwn. Thank you!” Julie clapped her hands excitedly and hugged him.

“So please, can we go to the bedroom now? Beasty Best is really hungry,” Dave whispered in a singsong voice.

Huuuu…Of course!” Julie giggled.

“Thank you ma’am.” Dave grinned widely.
Almost immediately, Dave carried her in a bridal style again and headed for Julie’s room. He gently placed her on the bed and looked at her with desire in his eyes; she wasn’t wearing any bra under the silk sun-top she was wearing. He lowered his eyes down to her thrusting nipples and gently pulled off her sun-top. He trailed his tongue enticingly from the neck down to her cleavage.

Julie couldn’t think, she reached up and hastily ripped off his t-shirt. Dave’s mouth continued to do very erotic things to her body. His hands reached down to pull off the skirt Julie was wearing. She arched up her back and wriggled out of the skirt. Dave looked at Julie again, taking in every bit of her.

“You are beautiful Sunshine,” he murmured huskily.

Julie blushed. Dave pulled off the shorts he was wearing, he slid his hands down her thighs, making Julie moan with delight. Julie clung onto him, catching at his shoulders and digging her nails into his bare back. Dave straddled her and parted her legs with his knee. He bent lower a bit and kissed her. He gently sucked on her tongue before dipping his tongue in her mouth. He nibbled on her lower lip and kissed her passionately. He trailed kisses from her mouth down to her cleavage. He took one of her boobs in his hand and fondled it, caressing and gently stroking it with his fingers. He found her other boob with his mouth and sucked on it, slowly and gently biting and nibbling on her nipples.

Oh…Gawd!” Julie moaned softly in ecstasy.
Dave, now all sweaty, raised his head smiled at Julie, he trailed his tongue back to Julie’s mouth and kissed her for a while. He then trailed his tongue up to her right ear. He breathed through his mouth into her ear, driving Julie insane with ecstasy. He licked her ear with his tongue, doing all sorts of erotic things to it. Julie was going insane, speaking gibberish and moaning really loudly, digging her fingers further into Dave’s back.

Seeing that he had teased her to his satisfaction, he gently pulled off Julie’s panties before thrusting deep into her. Julie squeezed her eyes shut and moaned. Dave moved slowly in and out of her, giving her pleasure. His lips found her’s again and they tenderly kissed themselves. They both moved rhythmically, sweat for sweat, touch for touch, kiss for kiss, and passion for passion, till Dave eventually moved faster and faster till Julie thought she was going insane, speaking more gibberish.

After a while, they both reached their climax at the same time and came. Dave released so much in her that she was dripping wet. Dave then pulled out and fell next to her onto the bed.

Humph!” Dave let out a gusty sigh.

“That was great!” Julie licked her lips, trying to catch her breath.

“Yeah, thank God you’re on pills. That would have been a straight goal.” Dave bit his lower lip.

“Hun, yeah,” Julie chuckled.

She was too tired to do anything. She just laid there on the bed, the same way she was while they were making out, facing the ceiling.

In no time, she drifted off to sleep. Dave sood up from the bed and headed to the bathroom to wash up. After a while, he came out of the bathroom already washed up. He wore his underwear and shorts, combed his hair and tied back the bandana that had fallen off onto the bed while he and Julie were ‘at it’. He then laid back on the bed, snuggled Julie closer and slept off.


When Julie woke up, she had already gained a bit of strength. She gently unwrapped Dave’s arms from her body and slowly stood up from the bed before walking into the bathroom to wash up too. After she was done, she stepped into the room and met Dave already awake.

“Awwn, did I wake you?” Julie asked and bent down to kiss him.

“No,” Dave replied.

“OK.” Julie smiled and went to the dressing table to rub cream on her body.

“Hmmm… Sunshine,” Dave called.

“Yes?” Julie turned to face him.

“Working for your Dad it’s on one condition.” Dave sat up, and rested his back on the headboard.

“And what condition is that?” Julie asked.

“I get to work part-time.I can’t stop my job.” Dave replied, looking serious.

“Humph,” Julie chuckled softly. “I’ll talk to Dad about it, I’m sure he’ll agree.” Julie smiled.

“Good.” Dave sighed.

“So…your friend..she isn’t back yet?” Dave’s brows furrowed.

“No. She said she’d be taking a walk around town. So…” Julie shrugged.

“Oh, OK!” Dave nodded his head.

“So…do you wanna go somewhere?” Dave asked, standing up from the bed.

“Yes!” Julie nodded her head vigorously.

“Dress up then.” Dave smiled at her.

Julie hastily rubbed cream on her body and skipped gleefully to her closet. She thought about what to wear for a while then she decided to wear the same outfit as Dave. She took out a Versace t-shirt, shorts and a bandana.

“Thief!” Dave smirked as soon as he set his eyes on the outfit.

The shorts and t-shirt actually belonged to him. Julie had insisted that she liked it when she had gone to his apartment one day without having anything to change into. She had changed into the shirt and shorts, wore it home and never returned it.

“Whatever.” Julie pouted.

She wore the t-shirt and shorts after wearing her undies. She then tied the bandana on her head the same way Dave tied his and then wore a Versace pam slippers. She sprayed cologne over her body and fixed a waistbag on her waist without applying makeup. Dave looked looked at her approvingly and smiled.

“I can’t stop falling for you.” He grinned, walked closer to Julie and kissed her. Julie melted under his touch.

Dave then walked to the headboard and took his t-shirt. He wore it, took his phone from Julie’s dressing table, then they headed out of the house.

Immediately they got out, Julie locked the door and hid the key under the foot mat. She had already told Hannah where to take the key whenever she’s not home.

“Done!” Julie smiled at Dave.

Dave didn’t park his car in the compound, so they walked out of the compound and got outside. Dave unlocked the car and opened the passenger side door for Julie.

“Thank you.” Julie blushed and hopped into the car.

Dave gently closed the door before turning around to enter the driver’s side.

“So, where are we going?” Julie asked, using the seatbelt.

“You’ll know when we get there.” Dave smiled. Dave started the car and speed off on to the road, the tires of the car screeching.
Dave then turned on the player in the car and Iyanya’s No Drama came in.

“Woah,” Julie squealed excitedly. Dave grinned and stole a glance at her before looking back unto the road.

Since it was a Saturday, there was traffic jam. But after a while, Dave got to their destination. A mall.

“Wow…looks good!” Julie wowed as they got down from the car and headed inside the mall.

“So, game first or movie?” Dave asked as they walked further into the mall.

“Movie!” Julie grinned.

“OK.” Dave smiled at her.

They then used the escalator to the movie floor. When they got there, they were handed handbills containing the movies that would be showing that day.

“Hmm, so Avengers Infinity War or Aquaman?” Dave asked Julie after going through the handbill.

“Hmm….Which one do you want to watch?” Julie asked in return.

“Anyone you wanna watch.” Dave shrugged.

“Hmm, let’s go for Avengers then.” Julie’s lips twitched.

“That’s what you want to watch?” Dave asked.

“Yeah.” Julie nodded her head.

“Okay then.”

Dave paid for the movie, bought a bag of popcorns and two soft drinks before they both headed to the filmhouse.

“Your receipt please?” the guy standing at the door to the film house requested.

“Here.” Dave reached out and handed the receipt over to the guy.

“Thank you.” The guy checked the receipt and tore it. “Hmm, your hands are filled so I’ll have it over to the lady.” The guy smiled and handed the receipt over to Julie before opening the door for them. Julie chuckled and walked in with Dave.

“Wow…it’s really chilly in here.” Julie rubbed her palms against each other as they entered the filmhouse.

Awww, sorry.” Dave chuckled.

The movie had already started when they entered. They walked up the short stairs and found two unoccupied seats three rows to the last row at the back. They sat down and watched the movie.

Julie kept talking and laughing as they watched the movie, eating popcorn and hitting Dave as she laughed. At a point, the ladies sitting right before them got annoyed and looked at Julie and Dave irritatedly.

“What’s wrong with these ones?” Julie sneered.

She took popcorns and threw it at them, smirking. Dave covered his mouth with his hand and laughed hysterically.


“They can’t just perish like that!” Julie scowled as they walked out of the theater.

“But they did.” Dave chuckled.

The end of the movie had annoyed Julie so much that she felt like seeing the movie makers and giving them huge blows on their faces.

“They shouldn’t have just disappeared like that though.” She frowned.

“Baby, you can’t do anything about that.” Dave chuckled. “The film has already been produced,” Dave added, ruffling her hair.

“They better make the real Infinity War!” Julie pouted.

“Hmph.” Dave chuckled and placed his arm around her neck as they walked to the games floor.

People around that part of the mall kept looking at them in awe and with admiration.

‘They are cute!’

‘Wow, matching outfits!’

‘When I grow older, I’ll want my wife and I to be just like them!’

They got to the game floor and paid for games as they played. They played different games: shooting, racing, tennis…they even rode on hover boards, both of them laughing and giggling like kids.

They played till noon before they headed out of the mall. On their way out, they bought snacks for themselves and Hannah.

Immediately they got into the car, Dave drove out of the mall and headed for Julie’s house. Due to the traffic, they got to her house a bit late.

“Aren’t you coming in?” Julie asked as Dave parked the car in front of her gate and turned off the engine.

“Nah, ’cause of the traffic.” Dave gently ruffled her hair.

“So, till when?” Julie asked.

“Hmm, that’ll be next week Saturday.” Dave smiled.

Awww… that’s too far.” Julie groaned.

“Yeah, but we have no choice.” Dave sighed.

“I’ll be very busy throughout the week. I have some paintings I need to finish and I know you’ll be very busy at the office too.” Dave let out a gusty sigh.

Arghhh, can’t we just take another week off?” Julie asked, grinning.

“Hell no! We have to work!” Dave chuckled.

Arghhh!” Julie stomped her feet.

“Sorry baby.” Dave smiled.

Julie took the snacks they bought for Hannah from the back seat. She unbuckled the seatbelt and made to open the door.

“Hey!” Dave scowled.

“Huh?” Julie turned and looked at him.

“Where’s my kiss?” Dave pouted.

“Oh.” Julie chuckled.

She leaned closer to Dave and kissed him passionately. Her tender lips softly grazing over his. Julie broke away from the kiss and hugged Dave tight.

“I’ll miss you.” She pouted, almost crying.

“I’ll miss you too baby.” Dave kissed her head and stroked her back gently.

They were both like that for a while before Julie grudgingly disengaged from the hug.

Guunight Best.” She pouted.

Guunight Sunshine.” Dave chuckled.

Julie opened the door and got out of the car. She waved Dave goodbye and stood on the spot till his car was out of sight. She then looked down dejectedly and dragged her feet into the house. She locked the gate and dragged her feet to the main house.

“Hey babe!” Hannah who was sitting in the sitting room smiled immediately she saw Julie step into the living room.

“Hi.” Julie smiled faintly.

“What’s wrong?” Hannah’s brows furrowed as she noticed the dejected look on Julie’s face.

“Nothing, just tired.” Julie smiled faintly. “Here, I got this for you.” She handed the snacks over to Hannah.

Guunight!” She said before walking out of the living room.

Hannah watched her in bewilderment as walked out.

“Whatever is wrong with her?” Hannah shrugged her shoulders.


Early the next morning, Sunday morning, Julie called her dad and told her she was going to visit him in the afternoon. As soon as it was two in the afternoon, she drove to his mansion. When she got there, he was sitting in the garden with his laptop beside him.

“Hey Dad!” She smiled as she walked closer to him.

“Hey Jewel.” Her father looked up at her and grinned.Julie sat on the chair next to him and dropped her bag on the stool. “You said you wanted to talk to me about something, what is it about?” Mr Adams asked.

“Uhm, I’ve talked to Dave about your offer.” Julie chewed on the sides of her cheeks.

“So what did he say?” Mr Adams asked,taking a sip of his wine.

“He has decided to take the offer,” Julie replied. “But on one condition,” she quickly added before her dad could talk.

“And what condition is that?” Mr Adams asked, narrowing his eyes.

“He gets to work part-time,” Julie replied.

“Hmph, and who is he to negotiate with me?” Mr Adams scoffed.

“Your future son-in-law.” Julie twitched her lips.

“You are not going to marry that boy,” Mr. Adams said as he gently placed his wineglass on the stool beside him.

“Oh daddy, I am. I certainly am!” Julie nodded her head vigorously.

“You’re joking right?” Mr Adams asked with a raised brow.

“No dad. I’m not!” Julie stood up angrily. “I am going to marry Dave! With and without your permission, support and consent!” Julie blurted out.

Seeing how upset she was, Mr. Adams looked away from her.

“Sit,” he told her after a while. Julie sighed and sat down. “Tell him to come see me in my office on Tuesday,” Mr Adams cleared his throat as he spoke.

“OK,” Julie replied, scowling.

“And I hope you remember that Friday is your mum’s memorial service.” Mr Adams stole a glance at her.

“Yeah, I do daddy.” Julie’s tensed shoulders relaxed a bit.

“Good.” Her dad sighed. “Do you care for wine?” Mr Adams asked.

“Oh yeah.” Julie chuckled.

At a snap of Mr Adams’ fingers, one of the bodyguards standing behind them came closer and poured Julie a glass of wine before going back to his position.

“Thank you.” Julie smiled as she took the wineglass and sipped from it.

“Did I tell you Katy will be coming back from Dubai?” Mr Adams smiled.

“Really?” Julie’s face lit up instantly.

“Hmm hmm.” Mr Adams nodded his head.

Awwn, for mum’s service right?” Julie grinned.

“Yeah and guess what?” Mr Adams licked his lower lip.

“What?” Julie looked at him hesitantly.

“She’ll be staying permanently.” Mr Adams chuckled.

“What! Aaah!” Julie squealed happily. “That’s great. I’ve really missed her,” she added, grinning widely. “So when exactly is she coming back?” Julie asked gleefully.

“On Thursday.” Mr Adams rubbed his chin with his left thumb and index finger.

Awwn, I’m so happy.” Julie grinned. She took her wineglass and sipped from it before standing up.

“I have to get going dad.” She straightened her dress and carried her bag from the table. “I need to prepare for tomorrow.” She grinned mischievously.

“Just don’t be too harsh on them.” Mr Adams laughed.

“I won’t.” Julie giggled.

“Call me when you get home.” Her dad smiled.

“I will.” Julie replied before walking away. “Oh.” She stopped in her tracks as she remembered something and walked back to her father. “Daddy?” she called. Mr Adams raised his head from his laptop and looked in her direction. “I almost forgot. One of my friends need a job.” Julie let out a gusty sigh as she stood before her dad.

“OK? What kind of job?” Mr Adams asked.

“Clerk or office secretary or something.” She waved her left hand in the air as she spoke.

“Hmm, OK.I think I need a clerk in one of those companies. I’ll check and get back to you.” Mr Adams smiled.

“OK, bye.” Julie smiled as she walked out of the garden.

As she walked out, her father looked at her and smiled. His carbon copy.

Julie got in her car and drove out of the mansion. After waiting for so long in the traffic, she got home. She had driven into the compound and was about to lock the gate when a cute guy approached her.

“Good evening,” the guy greeted.

“Good evening.” Julie furrowed her brows.

“Ermm sorry to disturb you. My name is Josh and I’ve just moved into the apartment next to your house,” the guy explained.

“OK, so…how may I help you?” Julie asked, getting agitated.

“Ermm, like I said I’ve just moved in. I don’t know any where around here so I’m hoping you can help me with directions to a supermarket. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?” Josh pleased.

“Huh…OK.” Julie chuckled.

“You walk down straight now and turn to the left. Then you walk straight a bit and turn to the right. You’ll see a very big supermarket immediately,” Julie described.

“Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. I’m really grateful.” Josh smiled brightly.

“Aw, it’s nothing.” Julie smiled. “You can come to me anytime you need something,” Julie added.

“Really? I am very grateful.I have to get going now, thank you so much.” Josh waved.

“You’re welcome.” Julie smiled.

Read Part Fifteen.

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