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The Hidden Truth (Part 11)

Continued from the last part…

Ann’s POV

“We’d discussed on our sports day, and decided that you all must participate. These are the different competitions brought out by the school board. We’ve got the swimming contest, dancing competition, we also have the football matches and tennis matches, music, high jump and long jump, basketball matches and beauty contest. You all must participate on the upcoming events. The date has been fixed and the time table written down. It has been posted on the school notice board,” the principal concluded and stepped down.

The games teacher came up immediately. “On the case of the basketball team, they were told to elect their leader three days ago.”

Immediately I lost interest of becoming the leader, Ava was no where to be found and I can’t manage the team on my own. It was better the team was not heard of anymore than messing it up myself.

“Who would volunteer to be the leader?”

There was silence, I looked at Amelia, she was smiling, the question came up again.

“I.” Everyone turned. They were shocked, Ava? I smiled. I knew it all along. She was panting heavily, maybe as a result of running too hard.

“And you are?” the games master asked.

“Josh Ava,” she replied. Everyone started murmuring.

“You are a new student,” the principal shouted from her seat.

“And I’m a human being ma. I’m human just like you all. Is anything wrong with it?” she asked. The principal was amazed.

“How could she? She’s a new student and can’t be a team according to the school rules and regulations.”

Now what’s Amelia trying to say, she even knows it’s not against the school rules and regulations for a new student to become a team leader.

“Really?” Ava chuckled and opened her school bag. Students were watching, teachers looked on. She brought out a magazine and gave it to the games master. Smart girl, where did she get it? I smiled within me, Amelia has found her match today. She thinks she can run mouth anyhow. “From what I read in this magazine, it was stated that any student, new or old could be a leader.” Amelia sat down angrily.

“Yeah, it’s not against the law of the school, and we all have no problem with you becoming the Team White’s basketball leader. We should have discussed it privately but we had to because it was banned four years ago.”

The meeting ended and everyone dispersed to their classes, Amelia left in a haste. I went straight to Ava, where some girls were already congratulating her, I called her. She smiled.

“You? I…”

“I did it for Lily,” she answered and I immediately hugged her.

Ava’s POV

I was taken aback when Ann hugged me, it’s not a big deal, I just wanted the team to go on, that’s all.

“Thank you Ava, you have no idea what problem that this would have caused if you had not taken up the leadership,” Ann said.

“Oh please, it’s not a big deal, I don’t even know what a leader should do not to talk of organizing them,” I said and she laughed.

“I’m always here you know.”

“Hey, CD,” someone called behind me, I looked back and it was that idiot.

“What’s CD?” Ann asked him.

“Cute dog,” he answered winking at me, I rolled my eyes angrily. God, please I don’t want to see this guy anymore, he frustrates me with every word that comes out of his mouth. Ann laughed and excused her self.

“When will you stop calling me that?” I fumed.

“I can’t stop calling you that you know,” he answered nonchalantly.

“What do you want?” I asked impatiently, I don’t want to stand here anymore.

“Do you play basketball?” he asked. God, is that what he wanted to ask me? He must be very stupid.

“Don’t you have work to do?” I asked.

“I don’t,” he answered.”

“Then I do have, go find something doing,” I told him and left the hall. What’s wrong with him asking some sort of stupid stuff?

Amelia’s POV

“That idiot, that imbecile, she dared to challenge me?” I shouted furiously.

“Calm down Amy, we gonna—”

“Shut up, shut up, how dare you talk? It was your fault, you didn’t do your job well. How could you, Best ? I asked you to keep your eye on them and also you should monitor them, but what did you do? Huh?”

“Oh please, you asked me to keep my eye on Ann not the new girl.” This girl was really tasting my patience here, I wish I could strangle her to death.

“Are you so dumb, huh, are you dumb that you couldn’t see Ann and the new girl had gotten too close? Oh, you want me to tell you everything, before you act, you are a fool Best.”

“Really? I’m a fool, then what are you? Just a day, a day, the new girl defeated you. You think you know all, right? Nope. Shame Amelia, Morris is coming back, this time you are going down for good,” she blasted.

She had said enough, I rushed her immediately and grabbed her hair, she’s an idiot, she just insulted me.

“Have you gone nuts Amelia, what are you doing?” Doris shouted.

“Leave me, she has said enough,” I said not wanting to release her, Best was now breathing hard, trying to get some air, as she she was asthmatic. But I didn’t care, she should die. Doris immediately pushed me heavily and I fell off lying face down to the group. Doris grabbed Best’s purse and brought out her inhaler, she immediately held best face up, now putting in the inhaler to her already opened mouth. I looked on, I couldn’t talk again, she deserved to die, how could she rain insults on me? By now she was lying down now. I got up, and looked at her.

“You guys should think of a new plan,” I muttered loudly and left the music class. Best should be careful or I would end her life.

Ava’s POV

I was walking down to the canteen to get some ice cream with burger. I didn’t take anything today, I was in a hurry, thank God I made it on time. I collided with her, yeah Morris. She looked dull, her eyes swollen. Then there was this smell around her, something like a strong drink. She looked at me. I was about pass when she said something. I didn’t hear her well.

“Can I take five minutes of your time?” she asked me, I just looked on, I was surprised, she has never spoken to me, I continued looking at her not knowing what to say.
“Please?” she urged and I nodded. I joined her and we got ourselves in the garden house.

“I’m Morris,” she said stretching out her hands for an handshake.

“I’m Ava,” I answered her, smiling.

“I’m sorry for not getting along with you, believe me it was not my intention. I’m sorry for snubbing, I’m sorry for…”

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault though. You were going through a lot. But pardon me, why did you change all of a sudden?” I asked and she smiled.

“I found out that I had some responsibilities to take care of. I had to do that even if it cost me my life. Thank you for taking up the leadership.”

“How did you know?” I asked.

“It’s all over the school Ava,” she answered and I nodded not knowing what to say. She immediately hugged me lightly. “Thank you,” I heard her whisper and I smiled and patted her lightly.

“Morris?” I called and she disengaged from the hug. “Will you help me?” I asked her looking at her eyes.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in not sticking to the group. I’ve ignored and gave so many flimsy excuses. But you know what? I’m back again. All we need now is cooperation. I think we need to join hands together and get it done. Amelia has bitten more than she can chew. We got to make her pay. We are in this together right?” I nodded, although Amelia got too far, I had pity on her because what I’m seeing right here is no more Morris but revenge itself.

Continued from the last part…

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