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Raqueila (Episode Four)

Continued from the last part…

Emma’s POV

Three days! Gwen has been missing for three days, her mom believes she ran away because she caught her with a man, but I know Gwen, one of her dreams was for her mom to find love and plus, she’ll never run away from the people she loves. Gwen’s not a chicken, she’s the ‘stand-still-and-face-your-problem’ kind of girl.

The camera spotted her entering my street last so if there was any evidence, it would be here, but alas, nothing. Mark was with me, he said he can find her himself and I followed him to insult his life but I must say, the guy’s cute.

“You’ve been standing there like an idiot for hours just looking around, can’t you do anything better with your worthless life?” I snapped, he sighed exasperatingly and continued looking around. “I wonder what she sees in you, you’re not worth dying for.”

“Emma please be quiet, you are ruining my concentration.”

“Do you even have a brain to concentrate with?” I scoffed, he rolled his eyes and gasped when it landed on a weird drawing on the wall, he moved closer to it and trailed his fingers on it thoughtfully. “Seriously, that’s more important right now?”

“Gwen drew this, it’s a secret message which I remember.” I stood up abruptly and moved closer to him. “Back in middle school when we went camping, she wandered off but drew this weird drawing on the trees to find her way home, unfortunately, she fell into a pit but I was able to use this to find her.”


“See this weird mark, it means help me and this bold MS means M Sisters, this is enough evidence for now, now if you’ll excuse me, I have someone I’d like to murder.” I stood there shocked as he left, how well exactly do they know each other? I don’t even know half the things he knows.

I later went back to Geraldine, she was pacing anxiously as she wept.

“I can’t lose her, they’ll kill me, she’ll kill me,” she kept muttering.

“Who will kill you if you lose Gwen?” I asked confusedly, she yelped in fear and held her chest.

“God, Emma! You scared me.”

“I’m sorry but who?”

“Gwen’s dad’s family if anything happens to her, I’m doomed.”


“After I gave birth to Gwen, her dad tried to take her but when they did, she fell terribly ill, the doctors then concluded she should never be apart from me. His family warned me that if anything happened to their precious first granddaughter, I’m as good as dead,” she sobbed, I sat her down and consoled her.

I just hope they figure something out soon

Mark’s POV

“Madison for the last time, where is Gwendolyn!” I roared pinning her on the wall by her neck.

“Cursed cave,” she gasped out.


“We threw her into the cursed cave.” I staggered away from her, my head was spinning, I sat down gently and broke into tears. She’s gone for good and it’s my fault. Why didn’t I just listen to Andy?

Geraldine’s POV

Two weeks, my daughter have been gone for two weeks. The stupid girls that did it escaped trial and my darling never got justice. The rain was beating heavily against my roof, it was very eerie, thunder roared after a lightning and I saw someone at the window but the person was gone in the blink of an eye.

Ding dong! The door bell rang, I stood up to answer it, who could be here by this time? Maybe Bartholomew, he hasn’t stopped coming and have been my comfort since. I opened the door only to see an aghast looking Gwen.

“Gwendolyn!” I screamed and slammed the door, I was freaking scared, after two minutes, I opened it again and she was still there crying. “Gwen?” I called softly as I touched her, she was real!

“Mom, I’m scared,” she whispered, I went on my knees and hugged her tightly. “It was horrible mom, very horrible, I don’t want to go there again, they are haunting me, laughing at me, I hear voices ma and it’s killing me,” her voice was void and her eyes were deeply haunted, like someone from a scary ghost movie.

I helped her inside. and called Bart then Emma, I told them but it was hard to believe, Bart thought I was losing it and Emma just started crying, I then called Mark, that boy had been living in despair since Gwen’s ‘death’. I’ve never seen anyone that frustrated, he was a line away from committing suicide.

In ten minutes he was here, I was shocked by his speed and fearlessness, he hugged her tight like she was going to disappear again not even caring if she’s a ghost or not, she only relaxed in his arms and slept off

Three Weeks Later

Matilde’s POV

My life had been hell since that idiot returned from the dead, Martina’s parents sent her to her scary military uncle, Meghan too left us angrily, my parents stripped me off my inheritance, my brother hates me, my little sister sees me as a monster and Andy broke up with me after calling me a heartless witch, ouch!

Why didn’t she just die? We were almost getting away with it but she ruined it, how did she even survive? The teacher walked in with her, she looked so scared, she was clutching to Mark’s arm like something terrible will jump out from nowhere anytime and try to eat her

I was satisfied with the way she looked.

“Class please don’t bother Gwendolyn with questions, is that clear?” Mr Bill asked.

“Yes Mr Beans,” the class laughed, she jumped at their laughter and tried to run away but Mark held her waist and dragged her to his seat, everyone looked at her pitifully before their hateful gaze landed on me and the girls.


Mark’s POV

“Mark let’s go, they are evil in disguise, they want to kill me, please I’m scared,” she kept whispering during classes, it was hard watching her like this without crying, she never talked about how she escaped that cave but whatever she saw there have permanently scared her life.

Later at lunch time, I took her to the garden to eat with Emma who is the other person she’s also calm with, she’s so scared and jumpy.

“Bestie, you’re okay?” Emma asked cheerfully, at least trying to be.

“They are everywhere, smiling at me, calling my name, they want me dead,” Gwen said ghostly and broke into tears, Emma wiped her tears and smiled.

“Don’t cry, together we’ll kill them back.” Gwen nodded and wiped her tears. She barely ate as usual, just staring at the sky.

“Cletus died trying to save me, before it could take my soul, he replaced it with his, it was a horrible moment, I miss him,” she said absent-mindedly. Who’s Cletus?

“Who’s Cletus?” Emma asked gently, Gwen laughed crazily and continued looking at the sky.

Two Days Later

Gwen’s POV

I sat on my bed smiling to myself, those girls were as well as dead, they think they can mess with me like that and escape? I’ve been pretending to be haunted to make sure every single soul hates them and it is fun! Mom walked in.

“Do you want anything baby?”

“Is life all about death?” I mused staring at the window

“My Darling please. snap out of it, no one will hurt you ever again.” Believe me mom, no one can, ever. I smiled at her and she smiled back. “I’m going out with Bart, we’ll be back late or not be back at all, I’ll send Emma or Mark over, okay?”

“Yes mother, I love you.”
“I love you too.” She kissed my cheek and left, now, time to deal with those idiots permanently.

Matilde’s POV

The girls and I were going to a nightclub, to just find a way to waste ourselves, there was a girl standing on the road with back turned to us.

” You stupid fool, if you want to die, don’t use us, now get out of the way?” Madison yelled, the girl started laughing maniacally before she slowly turned around.

“Gwendolyn!” we all exclaimed.

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