I feel overwhelmed, exhausted and worn.
It’s like the battle is over,
and the enemy has won,
And I’m now lying on the battlefield,
Breathless and looking on.

I feel the cold hands of fear,
Hands with talon-like nails creeping from my rear.
Ready to tear me apart, seeing that I’m now defenseless and worse for wear.
I feel like shedding a tear.

I feel like making a wish.
But I look around and see that the lamp is out of reach.
I look up, and the skies that was once rich
with wishing stars, is now dark.
It would only grant a death wish.

I feel melancholic,
Emotionless and stoic.
I mostly avoid happiness like it’s alcoholic.
Unable to dream and fantasize,
Cause my mind is ruled by facts and logic

I feel peaceful now.
Writing these words has calmed me down.
Was looking for a way to swim and not drown.
Enya’s tune in my ears has showed me how.

I fight on…

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