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Letter to Yesterday

Dear yesterday, I loved the feel of you and everything you came with. I totally wished the day wouldn’t break, but here we are. Today looked just as promising as you, it came with a queasy feeling in the early hours which I couldn’t explain. It lingered for a while till the sun was far up in the sky, and then my phone rang and it was him, then came the rush of excitement that it almost made me giddy.

He said he was coming and I couldn’t keep the excitement all to myself, everybody felt it and everyone could attest that something was different about me now, probably because of the way my face lit up and I smiled from ear to ear.

I took a shower and got myself all donned up. I couldn’t explain what I felt and I struggled with my mind over whether it was right or wrong. Just yesterday, we were introduced as cousins by my mum and we hit off so well and today I wanted him so badly that I questioned my morality.

Oh yesterday! How I wish you didn’t have to give way for today to come with all its trouble, but whatever happens, I hope tomorrow wouldn’t be so ashamed of my actions today.

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