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Entrusted (Episode Thirteen)

Continued from the last part…

Time flew and Saturday came, not excluding the two lovers video calling themselves each night.

Saturday morning met Julie preparing breakfast; yam and egg for Hannah and herself while Hannah bathed. Since she knew Dave was coming that morning, she prepared his breakfast too. And after she was done preparing breakfast, she dished Hannah’s and her food in two different dishes while she dished Dave’s food in a food warmer.

“Hmm…uwa!” Hannah exclaimed as soon as she tasted the food.

“Your cooking skills have drastically improved! Kyeopta.” Hannah gave Julie who was sitting across to her in the dining room a ‘thumbs up’.

Awww! I wasn’t that bad while we were in school,” Julie pouted.

“Huh?” Hannah opened her mouth really wide that the piece of yam in her mouth almost fell onto the table.

“Neo!” Hannah pointed her index finger at Julie.

Wah?” Julie smiled sheepishly.

“Have you forgotten that your boiled yam was always half done?” Hannah sneered.

Hahaha!” Julie laughed heartily.

“It’s so true!” Hannah said and joined in the laughter.

Awwn. I guess I changed for Best.” Julie smiled emotionally to herself.

Every guy she had dated then had only dated her for nothing but her money. Who didn’t know the only daughter of the most successful businessman in the country. Her father owned cement companies, different estates, a music record label, car companies, and so on in every part of the country. Even the rich guys that dated her only dated her for fun and nothing more. It went on and on like that and she never thought she could find true love till she met Dave.

It was a rainy evening and she had attended a party that day. She was coming back from the party when her car suddenly broke down. She had tried to start it severally but it wouldn’t respond. She took her phone from her purse and dialed her mechanic’s phone number but it wasn’t going through due to the weather. She was stranded in her car. She was left with no option than to get down from her car and hail a taxi or something.
She checked the back sit for an umbrella but there was no umbrella in the car and no slippers to change her high-heeled red shoe into. She took her purse and got down from the vehicle into the rain.

After standing in front of her car for thirty minutes, she wasn’t able to get a taxi. All the taxis that passed by her were already filled up with passengers. She was confused and didn’t know what to do, as it was getting late.
She stood there for another thirty minutes, rain pouring profusely on her but she still wasn’t able to get a taxi. She then decided to walk a little bit till she came across someone or something that might be of help to her. She hadn’t walked for like five minutes when she felt someone following her. She slowly and stylishly looked back and saw that she was indeed being followed by someone in a long black coat. She got scared and quickened her steps but as she quickened her steps, the guy quickened his steps too. She got so scared that she unconsciously took her heels. The guy also ran after her immediately. She hadn’t ran for long when she twisted an ankle. She knew what was going to come next. She was going to slip and fall unto the wet, sticky ground with a sickening thud so she squeezed her eyes shut, but she had not landed on the ground when she felt a hand roughly pull her by her left arm, turn her around and draw her into an embrace.

She was shocked beyond words. She slowly opened an eye before opening the other. She looked up and saw that it was the guy chasing her that had saved her. But it would have been better if she had fallen onto the ground than being saved by the guy, because to her, he was either a kidnapper, a killer or a rapist.

She quickly broke away from his embrace and knelt down. To her, it was no use running again.

“Please. Please I beg you in the name of God, don’t hurt me. I’m the only child of my father. If it’s money you want, it’s not a problem, just name your price and I’ll give it to you. Please don’t kill me,” she sobbed as she pleaded.

She couldn’t see the guy’s expression because it was already really dark and he was putting on a face cap but after a while, she felt the guy pick her up, carry her on his shoulder and head to ‘God knows where’.

Julie this is the end of your life, she sobbed as he carried her.

She knew shouting was not an option because the rain wouldn’t let anyone hear her voice and the guy wouldn’t hesitate to slit open her throat, so she just kept sobbing and pleading for the guy not to kill her.

She didn’t know when he entered into a compound until she heard him open a door.
The guy entered into a house, turned around to lock the door and it was then that Julie raised her head up. The first thing that caught her attention was a girl sitting on a couch, laughing hysterically as she watched a movie then she felt the guy drop her down.

“Jesus Christ! Dave why are you—and oohh, who is this super gorgeous, rain-drenched lady standing beside you?” the girl on the couch exclaimed.

Arghhh! Chloe please just take her to your room and get her to change into one of your clothes. I don’t have time for your drama this night!” the guy that had ‘abducted’ her replied the girl on the couch.

Julie stood transfixed on a spout looking at the duo, bewildered.

“Okay, follow me pretty gorgeous young lady. Are you cold? I can see you’re really shaking. I’m…” the girl ranted.


“Julie?” Hannah who had been talking to noticed that Julie was deep in thoughts called her.

“Julie!” Hannah snapped her finger at Julie to bring her out of her thought. Julie drifted out of thought and smiled at Hannah.

“What were you thinking about?” Hannah asked her, slightly alarmed.

“Nothing. Hmmm… just… nothing, really.” Julie twitched her lips.

“Hmmm, you were thinking about Best right?” Hannah chuckled.

“Yeah.” Julie smiled sweetly.

“Hmmm, OK. Whatever!” Hannah waved her left hand in the air and they both laughed.


Immediately they finished eating, Hannah told Julie that she was going to get the SIM card she told her about.

“Do you remember how I described it?” Julie asked, very concerned.

Ne! I’m not a kid.” Hannah rolled her eyes.

“Oh. OK.” Julie smiled.

“I’m not sure I’ll be coming back right after I get the SIM card.” Hannah twitched her lips.

“Why? ” Julie asked, surprised.

“I wanna take a walk around and maybe do some shopping.” Hannah grinned.

“But you don’t really know anywhere around here.” Julie frowned.

Mwolae! I said I’ll be fine.” Hannah sighed. “I’ll be fine,” she added and smiled.

“Humph, OK.” Julie sighed.

“Bye!” Hannah said and smooched Julie’s forehead before leaving the house.

Julie sighed and locked the door. It wasn’t up to two minutes when she heard a knock on the door. She furrowed her brows and made to open the door.

“Did you forget someth—” She hadn’t completed her sentence when she opened the door and saw a very pleasing singht.

Hmmm!” She grinned. “Hello handsome!” She waved her hand.

Standing right before her was a tall handsome guy, with an ‘afro’ haircut. Dressed in Versace shorts and t-shirt with matching Versace pair of pam slippers and a bandana wrapped on his curly hair.

“Hey beautiful!” the guy grinned at her.

“Hmmm… how may I help you handsome?” Julie asked.

“Hmmm…well, I seek a beautiful lady living in this house.” The guy scratched his hair romantically.

“Oh! I see. And her name?” Julie asked again.

“Sunshine!” Dave smirked.

“Oh! Come on in then.” Julie giggled.

‘Thank you ma’am!” Dave bowed and entered into the house.

Standing behind Julie who was trying to lock the door, Dave moved closer to her and grabbed her by her waist, smooching her and moving to the sides slowly.

“Hey!” Julie chuckled. “Handsome, don’t be silly!” Julie turned around and faced him.

“Huhuh?” Dave bent his head to kiss her. “I missed you,” Dave whispered huskily after he broke away from the kiss.

“I missed you too.” Julie blushed.

Dave snuggled her closer to him, his hands still on her waist, and kissed her passionately. He stroked her her lips with his tongue and bit on her lower lip softly. Julie responded to the kiss and gently sucked on Dave’s lower lip before she slowly dipped her tongue in his mouth. The kissing went on for a while till the worms in Dave’s stomach growled hungrily.

“Oops!” Julie giggled in Dave’s mouth.

“Guess you’re really hungry.” She smooched Dave’s lips broke away from him. “Let me get your food,” she said and made to leave the living room.

“No!” Dave groaned.

“No, what?” Julie stopped in her tracks and looked back at him.

“Hmmm, let’s go together.” Dave pouted.

“Best, it’s just the kitchen!” Julie chuckled.

“Whatever.” Dave walked closer to her and carried her in a bridal style, kissing and smooching her till they got to the kitchen.

“Ok..drop me.” Julie blushed.

“No!” Dave shook his head negatively.

“I want to dish your food!” Julie exclaimed.

“I know!” Dave nodded his head.

“Then let me down!” Julie groaned.

“No!” Dave shook his head again.

“Do whatever you want to do like this. In my arms!” Dave clicked his tongue and resumed smooching her body.

“Oh!” Julie giggled as Dave sent tingles through her body.

She took Dave’s food from the cabinet and poured it in a plate, inconveniently. She took a fork and placed it in the plate, inconveniently too.

“Let’s go.” She carried the plate of food.

“Mmm,” Dave replied, still smooching her and blindly headed out of the kitchen to the dinning room. Julie gently placed the food on the dinning table.

“At least you’ll drop me now.” Julie smiled and kissed his mouth.

“No!” Dave shook his head.

“No? You want to waste the food I personally cooked for you right?” Julie frowned.

“Oh, I didn’t know my Sunshine ‘personally’ cooked the food.” Dave chuckled, emphasizing on the personally.

He gently dropped Julie on one of the chairs before sitting next to her and digging into the food.

“Woah, my baby is such a great cook.” Dave smiled widely and ruffled Julie’s hair with his left hand.

Awwn!” Julie blushed, her cheeks burning red.

“Uhmm…” Dave suddenly remembered something. “Where is your friend?” he asked, whispering to Julie.

“Oh, she went out,” Julie whispered too.

“Oh,” Dave whispered again.

“Yeah,” Julie whispered too. “But why are you still whispering? It’s not like she’s in the house,” Julie added, still whispering.

Dave heard her and hissed. She laughed heartily. Dave continued with his food while Julie watched him eat. Sometimes, he would feed her.

After he finished eating, Julie cleared the empty plate into the kitchen and went back to the dinning after she was done washing the plate and the food warmer.

“Uhmm, Best,we need to talk!” Julie announced as soon as she sat on the chair next to Dave’s.

“Huh?” Dave turned to her side to fully look at her. Whenever Julie said they needed to talk, it was always about a serious issue. “What’s the matter Sunshine?” Dave asked concerned. He drew her up from the chair she was sitting on and carried her on his laps.

He didn’t like it when his Sunshine was bothered about something.

Read Part Fourteen.

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