Addict (Wailing Heart)

When my eyes stood at gaze
My breath held at ransom
It’s my feelings at stake
Been imprisoned, my heart was frost
For so long I unknowingly hit this

You know the cost of loosing an arm,
So it cost earning your smile
Whisper to me, feels like at peace
Forever I hallucinate, a future
Like tales in Disney world

This silence in my head gets real,
Overtime it hacked the entire me
A pressure I fought,
even when a heart bled
My senses got loose, unconscious,
never to be okay

Was it not an angel of goodwishes
An emotion, a master I prayed for
Was it not love?
Am I fallen?

Dependent upon your nurture
A prisoner, a disturbed soul
Influenced by your presence
Pride dripping, stay away
A nervous boy is been reborn

The motions and notions,
cold sigh and pandemonium
Formed by your radiance,
Glittering as the shooting stars
My depressant on the days of war

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